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Forename Herrera

Across the world, Herrera (Herrera Mexico Colombia Argentina Peru United States, Эррера Russia, Херрера Russia Ukraine, among others...) is quite a rare gender-neutral first name. The forename Herrera is habitual in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Guatemala, where it is quite a rare gender-neutral name, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Guatemala, Colombia, and the United States. Much more frequently, Herrera is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Herrera

name Héŕŕéŕá, name Hęrręrą, name Heŕrera, name Эррера, name Herréra, name Hêrrêrã, name Херрера, name Herrerá, name Hérrérá, name Herrerâ, name Herrèra, name Hërrërą, name Hërrërá, name Феррейра, name Hërrêrã, name Herrería, name Hǝrrǝra, name Herrerà, name Hérrera, name فيريرا, name Herrëra, name Hèrrèrà, name Hërrera, name Hêrrërâ, name Ĥĕŕŕĕŕá, name Hêrrêra, name Ħerrera, name Hêřřêřâ, name Еррера, name Herrerɑ, name Hërrërâ, name הררה, name Hërrëra, name Ferreira, name Ерера, name Herrerā, name Hêrrêrâ, name Hêrrerâ, name Herrera, name Hêrrërã, name Ferrería, name Ferrero, name פריירה, name Hérréra, name Hërrërã, name Hërrêrâ, name Hērrērā
Herrera Peru, Colombia, Argentina, United States, Mexico
Эррера Russia
Херрера Russia, Ukraine
הררה Israel

First name Herrera in the context

Herrera is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: .

Notable namesakes

alonso ruiz de herrera Spanish military personnel, ES (b. 1401) link
alonso de herrera Spanish conquistador, ES (b. 1500) link
martín gómez de herrera Spanish chaplain, ES (b. 1548) link
alonso de herrera Spanish painter (c.1555-1624), ES (b. 1555) link
martín de herrera Spanish warrior, ES (b. 1573) link
fray alonso lópez de herrera Spanish painter active in Mexico (1580-after 1640) (b. 1580) link
alonso lópez de herrera Spanish painter (c.1580-1648), ES (b. 1580) link
alonso de alcalá y herrera Spanish poet, ES (b. 1599) link
picture of santos león herrera santos león herrera santos león herrera Presidente Interino de la República de Costa Rica (1874-1950), CR (b. 1874) link
león herrera esteban Spanish politician (1922-2003), ES (b. 1922) link
picture of noris herrera noris herrera noris herrera VE (b. 1971) link
picture of borja herrera borja herrera borja herrera Spanish association football player, ES (b. 1993) link
earle herrera Venezuelan journalist and politician, VE (b. 1949) link
pastor berrios herrera (b. 1941) link
martín herrera Venezuelan photographer, VE (b. 1970) link

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