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Forename Dahle

Worldwide, Dahle (Dahle Norway United States Germany Sweden Canada, דאלה Israel) is a very rare epicene first name. The given name Dahle is characteristic of Northern America, particularly the United States, where it is an extremely rare unisex name. Much more frequently, Dahle is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Dahle

name 达尔, name Даль, name Dahle, name Дейл, name דייל, name Дэйл, name ダール, name داهل, name デール, name 戴尔, name דל, name 達爾, name دال, name דאלה, name Dale, name Дале, name Dahll, name Dahl, name Dahlé, name Dal, name デイル, name Дал, name دالي
Dahle Germany, Canada, Norway, Sweden, United States
דאלה Israel

Notable namesakes

siren elise dversnes dahle (b. 1986) link

Characteristic surnames

Mr, Kim, Pat, Pam, Per, Pia, , Ray, Ken, Rob, Roy, Del, Dan, Dag, Dax, Gay, Gro, Ron, Kay, , Ben, Ms, Al, Bo, Ed, Ok, May, Max, Meg, Sam, Siv, Sua, , Ali, Ann, Amy, Ada, Aud, Gry, and