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Forename Bruno

Around the globe, Bruno (Bruno Brazil France Italy Germany Portugal, Бруно Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Belarus Armenia, ブルーノ Japan, along with others...) is a prevalent boy's given name. The first name Bruno is habitual in France, where it is a common boy's name, Italy, and Portugal (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in Brazil, France, and Italy. Much less frequently, Bruno is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Bruno

name Bruna, name Brûno, name برونو, name Brown, name برون, name 布魯諾, name Bronzo, name Бруна, name Μπρουνο, name ברון, name Brūn, name Bruin, name Brūno, name Bŕúñó, name Brùno, name Brûnô, name Brunò, name Brùnò, name Брюно, name Bruno, name ប្រុន, name Brúnó, name 布鲁诺, name 布伦, name Brunó, name ブルーノ, name Bruño, name Бруно, name Brunô, name บรูโน, name Брун, name بي., name Brun, name Bruñó, name ברונו
Bruno Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, Brazil
Бруно Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Armenia
ブルーノ Japan
برونو Morocco, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
ברונו Israel
布魯諾 China
บรูโน Thailand

First name Bruno in the context

Bruno is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Bruno Münsterberg , the fictional character from The Tin Drum by Günter Grass; Bruno Mannheim , the fictional character in DC Comics, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen; Bruno , the fictional dog from Disney's Cinderella; Bruno Tattaglia , the fictional character from The Godfather series and Bruno Madrigal , the fictional character from Encanto, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

bruno ii de harcourt DE (b. 756) link
picture of bruno, duke of saxony bruno, duke of saxony bruno, duke of saxony Catholic saint (b. 850) link
bruno the young Graf in Sachsen (b. 800) link
bruno veliký (b. 925) link
picture of bruno von augsburg bruno von augsburg bruno von augsburg Roman Catholic bishop, DE (b. 1000) link
bruno aus bayern Roman Catholic bishop (b. 950) link
picture of bruno von würzburg bruno von würzburg bruno von würzburg Chancellor of Italy and Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, DE (b. 1005) link
picture of bruno von köln bruno von köln bruno von köln founder of the Carthusian Order, DE (b. 1030) link
bruno von sachsen Saxon cleric, DE (b. 1000) link
bruno cardinal priest of S. Sabina, DE (b. 1010) link
bruno ii Ruler of Frisia (b. 1024) link
bruno von bretten archbishop of Trier, DE (b. 1045) link
picture of bruno astensis bruno astensis bruno astensis Abbot of Montecassino, IT (b. 1100) link
bruno von calw DE (b. 1050) link
picture of bruno iii of berg bruno iii of berg bruno iii of berg Roman Catholic archbishop (b. 1140) link

Characteristic surnames

Melo, Vieira, Martins, Marques, Machado, Moreira, Santana, Almeida, Andrade, Cardoso, Barbosa, Batista, Pereira, Ribeiro, Freitas, Carvalho, Teixeira, Henrique, Ferreira, Oliveira, Rodrigues, Goncalves, Garcia, Barros, Campos, Castro, Cruz, Rosa, Reis, Dias, Lima, Silva, Sousa, Souza, Alves, Costa, Fernandes, Pinto, Rocha, Gomes, Lopes, Jesus, Nunes, Moraes, Mendes, Santos, Soares, Araujo, Ramos, and Nascimento