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Forename Baby

Across the world, Baby (Baby India Algeria Indonesia China Senegal, Babi India Algeria Indonesia China Philippines, 巴比 China) is a widespread principally female, but scarcely boy's given name. The first name Baby is habitual in India, where it is quite a common female name, Algeria, where it is quite a common mostly boy's, but uncommonly feminine name, and Philippines, where it is quite a rare dominantly girly, but uncommonly male name. Not in comparison with a country's population, the name is most common in India, Indonesia, and Algeria. Much less frequently, Baby is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Baby

name Bąby, name Baby, name Bébé, name بأبي, name Bābŷ, name Бабы, name Bàbý, name Babie, name Bāby, name Bebe, name Bâbŷ, name Bâbÿ, name 巴比, name Bae, name Báby, name Băbý, name Bebis, name Bąbý, name Beebi, name Bàbÿ, name Bábÿ, name Bâby, name بابي, name Bébi, name Pabebe, name Bebi, name Babŷ, name Babý, name בייבי, name Bąbÿ, name Bâbỳ, name Babe, name Bãby, name Bãbŷ, name بابی, name Bǻbŷ, name Bábý, name بآبي, name بابى, name Bábŷ, name Bãbý, name Băbÿ, name Băbŷ, name Babi, name Bâbý, name Bãbÿ, name באבי, name Бабий, name Băby, name Babÿ, name Bąbŷ, name Bàby, name Bub, name Баби
Baby Senegal, India, Indonesia, China, Algeria
Babi Philippines, India, Indonesia, China, Algeria
巴比 China
בייבי Israel

First name Baby in the context

Baby is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Baby Jane Hudson , the fictional human, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?; Baby New Year , the personification of the New Year, The Winter Fairy Tale; Baby Wildebeest , the fictional character in DC Comics' New Titans series; Baby Madison , the Baby Madison is a fictional character created by Mason Ewing in 2005. and Baby Gerald , the fictional character from The Simpsons franchise, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of iron mountain baby iron mountain baby iron mountain baby American child, US (b. 1902) link
baby franklin seals musical artist, US (b. 1880) link
picture of baby leroy baby leroy baby leroy actor, US (b. 1932) link
picture of baby sandy baby sandy baby sandy American child actress, US (b. 1938) link
picture of baby huwae baby huwae baby huwae Indonesian actor, ID (b. 1939) link
baby michau South African rugby union footballer, ZA (b. 1890) link
picture of baby huey baby huey baby huey Anerican singer, US (b. 1944) link
picture of baby bátiz baby bátiz baby bátiz Mexican singer, MX (b. 1949) link
baby creed Cuban singer and producer, US (b. 1901) link
baby blue English rapper and singer, GB (b. 1901) link
baby ruth American circus artist (b. 1902) link
picture of baby dee baby dee baby dee American musician, US (b. 1953) link
baby roane US (b. 1901) link
baby arizmendi Mexican boxer, MX (b. 1914) link
baby boy warren American blues singer and guitarist, US (b. 1919) link

Characteristic surnames

Roy, Sharma, Shaikh, Shinde, Kanwar, Kamble, Khatun, Kumari, Pathan, Rathod, Girija, Jadhav, Joseph, Thomas, Meshram, Sarojam, Sonvane, Chauhan, Khatoon, Thakare, Gayakwad, Vankhade, Sarkar, Mondal, Yadav, Ingle, Das, Jha, More, Saha, Shaw, Amma, Bano, Bibi, Kale, Rani, Waghmare, Raut, John, Vagh, Singh, Kadam, Kutty, Patil, Pawar, Rilly, Gupta, Ghosh, Devi, and Chaudhary