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Forename Alessandro

Throughout the world, Alessandro (Alessandro Italy Brazil Germany Afghanistan Spain, Алессандро Russia Ukraine, אלסנדרו Israel, among others...) is a widespread masculine forename. The given name Alessandro is habitual in Italy, where it is a widespread boy's name, San Marino, where it is a common male name, and Brazil, where it is quite a common male name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Italy, Brazil, and Germany. Much less frequently, Alessandro is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishAlessandro is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Alessandro

name Olexander, name Sandor, name Aleksanteri, name Александар, name Aleksandr, name Aleksander, name Александрас, name Sandro, name Александер, name Александре, name Olexandre, name Alessandrò, name Oleksandr, name Lissander, name Alexandre, name Alexandru, name Oleksandras, name Aleks, name Olexandr, name Александр, name Àlex, name Алессандро, name Alexandr, name D'Alessandro, name Àlessandro, name Sasha, name Aleksandras, name Lisandar, name Александр, Александре, Алешандри, name Александрс, name Александър, name Alessandro, name Sándor, name Александру, name Aleksandrs, name Alissandru, name Alexander, name Alex, name Александэр, name Alejandro, name Алесандро, name Alessàndro, name Алекс, name Александро, name Ołeksandr, name Alekszandr, name Aléssandro, name Oleksandrs, name אלסנדרו, name Αλέξανδρος, name Aleksandro, name Aleksandar, name Alessãndro, name Olekszandr
Alessandro Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Afghanistan
Алесандро, Алессандро Russia, Ukraine
אלסנדרו Israel

First name Alessandro in the context

Alessandro is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Alessandro , the operatic character in the opera Il re pastore (Metastasio); Alessandro , the operatic character in the opera Il re pastore by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; king of Macedonia; Alessandro Palladini , character in Un Posto al Sole; Alessandro , the operatic character in the opera Alessandro Severo (Händel) and Alessandro il Grande , the operatic character in the opera Poro, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of alessandro di bergamo alessandro di bergamo alessandro di bergamo patron saint of Bergamo, Capriate San Gervasio, and Cervignano d'Adda, IT (b. 201) link
picture of alessandro di roma alessandro di roma alessandro di roma IT (b. 200) link
picture of alessandro di costantinopoli alessandro di costantinopoli alessandro di costantinopoli Bishop of Byzantium and the first bishop of Constantinople, IT (b. 250) link
picture of alessandro amarelli alessandro amarelli alessandro amarelli Italian crusader, IT (b. 1071) link
alessandro di conversano Italian noble, IT (b. 1070) link
alessandro telesino chronicler, IT (b. 1100) link
alessandro della spina Italian inventor, IT (b. 1201) link
alessandro novello IT (b. 1250) link
alessandro bonino Italian theologian, IT (b. 1268) link
alessandro da sant'elpidio Italian bishop, IT (b. 1269) link
picture of alessandro oliva alessandro oliva alessandro oliva Italian cardinal, IT (b. 1407) link
picture of alessandro sforza alessandro sforza alessandro sforza Italian noble, IT (b. 1409) link
picture of alessandro nievo alessandro nievo alessandro nievo (1417-1484), IT (b. 1417) link
picture of alessandro carafa alessandro carafa alessandro carafa Italian archbishop, IT (b. 1430) link
alessandro bencivenni author (1385-1423) (b. 1385) link

Characteristic surnames

Melo, Vieira, Martins, Marques, Machado, Moreira, Santana, Almeida, Andrade, Cardoso, Barbosa, Batista, Pereira, Ribeiro, Freitas, Carvalho, Teixeira, Esposito, Ferreira, Oliveira, Rodrigues, Goncalves, Junior, Castro, Araujo, Soares, Cruz, Rosa, Reis, Dias, Lima, Silva, Sousa, Souza, Alves, Costa, Fernandes, Pinto, Rossi, Rocha, Russo, Gomes, Lopes, Jesus, Nunes, Moraes, Mendes, Santos, Ramos, and Nascimento