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Forename Paola

Across the world, Paola (Paola Italy Argentina Colombia Mexico Brazil, פאולה Israel, Паола Russia Bulgaria Ukraine, among others...) is a widespread female forename. The forename Paola is characteristic of Italy, where it is a common feminine name, Argentina, and Uruguay (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is commonest in Italy, Argentina, and Mexico. Very seldom, Paola is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Paola

name פאולא, name Paolą, name Paolâ, name Páolá, name Паулина, name Paolo, name Paôla, name Paõla, name Полин, name Paule, name パオラ, name Павла, name Paolá, name Paulina, name Паулина, Полин, name Пола, name Pàòlà, name Páólá, name Παολα, name Поль, name Pàola, name Páola, name Pâola, name Pąolą, name Paoĺa, name Pàolà, name Paoly, name Paóla, name Paoła, name Paolà, name Pauliina, name Ruffo, name Paolã, name Paulette, name Paola, name 保拉, name Палін, name Pála, name Паула, name Pâolâ, name Păõĺă, name Paolina, name Pabla, name Pâôlâ, name פאולה, name Pauline, name Paula, name Pãõlã, name Паола, name Pãolã, name باولا, name Πάολα, name Паоло, name Pala, name Pavla, name Pąôlą
Paola Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Colombia
פאולה Israel
Паола Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria
保拉 China
باولا Palestinian Territory
パオラ Japan

First name Paola in the context

Paola is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Paola Brunetti , character in Falling in Love; Paola Venegas , character in Los Venegas; Paola Bracho , character in La usurpadora; Paola , the operatic character in the opera La princesse de Trébizonde, The Princess of Trébizonde and Paola Argento , character in Casados con Hijos, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of paola romana paola romana paola romana Roman saint, IT (b. 347) link
picture of paola malatesta paola malatesta paola malatesta Italian noblewoman, IT (b. 1393) link
paola colonna Italian noble, IT (b. 1378) link
paola secco (b. 1401) link
picture of paola gonzaga paola gonzaga paola gonzaga daughter of Luigi III. Gonzaga, FR (b. 1464) link
paola montaldi IT (b. 1443) link
picture of paola gonzaga paola gonzaga paola gonzaga daughter of Ludovico Gonzaga and Francesca Fieschi, IT (b. 1504) link
paola de gonzague FR (b. 1486) link
angelica paola antonia negri Italian nun, IT (b. 1508) link
paola massarenghi Italian composer, IT (b. 1565) link
picture of paola adorno brignole sale paola adorno brignole sale paola adorno brignole sale IT (b. 1650) link
paola vittoria doria, dei marchese del maro 31 Mar 1663 Torino - 1693 (b. 1663) link
paola jocelyn pérez association football player (b. 1700) link
paola maria buonaparte daughter of Sébastiano Nicola Bonaparte, FR (b. 1710) link
picture of paola frassinetti paola frassinetti paola frassinetti Italian Roman Catholic nun, IT (b. 1809) link

Characteristic surnames

Cruz, Guzman, Torres, Vargas, Flores, Morales, Mendoza, Sanchez, Alvarez, Pereira, Ramirez, Jimenez, Herrera, Martinez, Castillo, Gonzalez, Ferreira, Oliveira, Contreras, Rodriguez, Rodrigues, Gutierrez, Garcia, Rivera, Romero, Castro, Ruiz, Diaz, Silva, Souza, Costa, Perez, Ramos, Rossi, Rojas, Reyes, Hernandez, Gomez, Ortiz, Moreno, Molina, Mendez, Medina, Muñoz, Santos, Suarez, Andrea, Acosta, Lopez, and Fernandez