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Forename Kristina

Around the globe, Kristina (Kristina United States Serbia Indonesia Croatia Sweden, Кристина United States Russia Germany Ukraine Belarus, كريستينا Egypt Iraq Syria Sudan Palestinian Territory, and others...) is a widespread feminine forename. The given name Kristina is characteristic of Southern Europe, particularly Croatia, where it is a widespread female name, Serbia, where it is a common girly name, and Montenegro (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Russia, the United States, and Indonesia. Very seldom, Kristina is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Kristina

name Krisztina, name Kristīne, name Kristiane, name Kine, name Krìstìnà, name クリスティーナ, name Kristiina, name Kristiná, name Krístina, name Cerstin, name Kriština, name Chryscina, name Kristiņa, name كريستينا, name Cristiane, name Kristīna, name Kristy, name Christina, name Kirste, name Кристина, name Cristiana, name Kristine, name Christine, name Krystyna, name Χριστίνα, name Krıstına, name Kerstin, name Kristi, name Chrístina, name Керстин, name Christiana, name Chrïstina, name Krîstînâ, name Kristín, name Christiná, name Christin, name Cristin, name Kristinã, name Kristýna, name קריסטינה, name Χριστιάνα, name Kristina, name Christína, name Kristin, name Cristina, name Krystiana, name Christiña, name Krístína, name Kristinà, name Christinà, name Krîśtïñâ, name Kristína, name Chrıstına, name Christiane, name Chrỉstịnă
Kristina Sweden, United States, Indonesia, Serbia, Croatia
Кристина Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Russia, United States
كريستينا Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Palestinian Territory, Syria
קריסטינה Israel
クリスティーナ Japan

First name Kristina in the context

Kristina is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Kristina (Superhero Landing) , the Fictional character from the Superhero Landing Universe; Kristina Davis , the fictional character, General Hospital; Kristina Frye , character in The Mentalist; Kristina , the operatic character in the opera The Makropulos Affair by Leoš Janáček; Vitek's daughter, a young singer and Christine Daaé , the character from Gaston Leroux's novel The Phantom of the Opera, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of kristina ingesdotter kristina ingesdotter kristina ingesdotter Princess consort of Veliky Novgorod, Rostov and Belgorod, SE (b. 1100) link
kristina nilsdotter (11__-1254) (b. 1101) link
kristina stigsdotter hvide swedish queen (b. 1145) link
picture of kristina håkonsdatter kristina håkonsdatter kristina håkonsdatter Norwegian princess and Infanta of Castile, NO (b. 1234) link
kristina torgilsdotter Peerage person ID=113088 (b. 1250) link
kristina kristiernsdotter 1437 (b. 1350) link
kristina karlsdotter 1432- (b. 1432) link
kristina abrahamsdotter 15th-century queen consort of Sweden, SE (b. 1432) link
picture of kristina nilsdotter kristina nilsdotter kristina nilsdotter Noblewoman of Sweden and leader of resistance to Christian II of Denmark (1494-1559), SE (b. 1494) link
kristina königsmarck (b. 1450) link
picture of kristina svantesdotter sture kristina svantesdotter sture kristina svantesdotter sture (1559-1619), SE (b. 1559) link
picture of kristina av holstein-gottorp kristina av holstein-gottorp kristina av holstein-gottorp Queen consort of Sweden (1573-1625), SE (b. 1573) link
picture of kristina poniatowská kristina poniatowská kristina poniatowská German female visionary, PL (b. 1610) link
picture of kristina av sverige kristina av sverige kristina av sverige Queen of Sweden (1626-1689), ruled from 1632 until abdication in 1654, SE (b. 1626) link
kristina bökler - Aft 1637, EE (b. 1591) link

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