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Surname سليمان

Last name سليمان (Solomon Nigeria Turkey Ethiopia Egypt India, Sulaiman Nigeria Turkey Ethiopia Egypt India, Suleman Nigeria Turkey Ethiopia Egypt India, along with others...) , all around the world, is a prevalent family name. The surname سليمان is habitual in Syria, where it is a widespread surname, Sudan, and Nigeria (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Nigeria, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Also, سليمان is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name سليمان

Nomographic illustration
Suleyman, Sleman, Sulaiman, Solomon, Sulayman, Suleman, Suliman, Suleiman Egypt, India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Turkey
سليمان Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria
Süleyman Egypt, United States, India, Syria, Turkey
Souleymane Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Malaysia, Turkey
Slimane Egypt, United States, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
Soliman Egypt, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nigeria
Sliman Egypt, India, Sudan, Nigeria, Malaysia
Sulejman United States, Azerbaijan, Syria, Malaysia, Turkey
Sleiman Egypt, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Malaysia

Notable namesakes

أبو الربيع سليمان Marinid Sultan of Morocco (r. 1308–1310), MA (b. 1289) link
picture of محمد بن سليمان محمد بن سليمان محمد بن سليمان Ottoman Azerbaijani poet, writer and thinker, IQ (b. 1494) link
picture of حكمت سليمان حكمت سليمان حكمت سليمان Prime Minister of Iraq, IQ (b. 1889) link
picture of عمر سليمان عمر سليمان عمر سليمان Egyptian head of intelligence and vice president (1936-2012), EG (b. 1936) link
picture of نبيل سليمان نبيل سليمان نبيل سليمان Syrian writer, SY (b. 1945) link
picture of محمد يوسف سليمان محمد يوسف سليمان محمد يوسف سليمان Egyptian petroleum engineer, EG (b. 1948) link
picture of بهجت سليمان بهجت سليمان بهجت سليمان Former Syrian Ambassador to Jordan and Head of Internal Branch of General Intelligence Directorate (Syria), SY (b. 1949) link
سيد سليمان Egyptian actor, EG (b. 1901) link
picture of وفاء سليمان وفاء سليمان وفاء سليمان First Lady of Lebanon, LB (b. 1952) link
علي حيدر سليمان former Iraqi minister, IQ (b. 1905) link
picture of جمال سليمان جمال سليمان جمال سليمان Syrian actor, SY (b. 1959) link
picture of مبارك سعد بن سليمان مبارك سعد بن سليمان مبارك سعد بن سليمان Saudi university professor, SA (b. 1961) link
صالح سليمان Egyptian weightlifter, EG (b. 1916) link
picture of عمر سليمان عمر سليمان عمر سليمان Syrian musician, SY (b. 1966) link
picture of فاضل سليمان فاضل سليمان فاضل سليمان Islamic scholar, EG (b. 1966) link