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Forename אסף

Globally, אסף (Asaf Lebanon Israel Syria Egypt Azerbaijan, אסף Israel, Asaph Israel India Democratic Republic of the Congo United States Uganda) is a common boy's first name. The first name אסף is habitual in Western Asia, particularly Israel, where it is a common male name, Lebanon, where it is quite a common dominantly masculine, but infrequently female name, and Saudi Arabia, where it is quite a rare principally masculine, but very infrequently female name. In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Israel, India, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Likewise, אסף is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishאסף is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name אסף

name אסף, name アサフ, name Asaph, name Asaf, name Asp, name Asif, name 'Sp, name Assaf, name Assef, name Асаф
Asaf Egypt, Israel, Azerbaijan, Syria, Lebanon
אסף Israel
Asaph United States, India, Israel, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda
Assaf Egypt, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia

First names said to be same

'Sp, Asif, Asp, Assef, Асаф, and アサフ

First name אסף in the context

אסף is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Asaf , the operatic character in the opera Der Rubin; Asaph , character in Esther and Asaph , character in Esther.

Notable namesakes

picture of אסף שמחוני אסף שמחוני אסף שמחוני Major General in the IDF; served as head of Northern Command, Assistant Head of Operations Directorate, and later as the Head of Southern Command., IL (b. 1922) link
picture of אסף יגורי אסף יגורי אסף יגורי Israeli politician (1931-2000), IL (b. 1931) link
picture of אסף חפץ אסף חפץ אסף חפץ Israeli police chief, IL (b. 1944) link
אסף גור IL (b. 1894) link
picture of אסף אגמון אסף אגמון אסף אגמון IL (b. 1948) link
אסף שחר IL (b. 1901) link
picture of אסף אוריון אסף אוריון אסף אוריון Israeli military personnel, IL (b. 1966) link
picture of אסף גברון אסף גברון אסף גברון Israeli journalist, author and translator, IL (b. 1968) link
picture of אסף ענברי אסף ענברי אסף ענברי Israeli writer (1968-), IL (b. 1968) link
picture of אסף אמדורסקי אסף אמדורסקי אסף אמדורסקי Israeli singer and producer, IL (b. 1971) link
picture of אסף יחזקאלי אסף יחזקאלי אסף יחזקאלי Israeli journalist, IL (b. 1972) link
אסף קוטין Israeli photographer, IL (b. 1923) link
picture of אסף ארליך אסף ארליך אסף ארליך Israeli vocalist, IL (b. 1973) link
picture of אסף אשתר אסף אשתר אסף אשתר IL (b. 1964) link
picture of אסף חנוכה אסף חנוכה אסף חנוכה illustrator, IL (b. 1974) link

Characteristic surnames

בר, גולן, גבאי, יוסף, יעקב, קורן, לוין, לביא, דיין, עזרא, אוחנה, אשכנזי, מזרחי, שרעבי, אליהו, אברהם, אטיאס, אזולאי, ביטון, שפירא, יצחקי, אוחיון, ששון, שלום, בן דוד, מלכה, גל, רז, חן, טל, כץ, מור, משה, שחר, פרץ, לוי, פרידמן, דוד, עמר, חדד, זיו, צור, כהן, הראל, צדוק, אלון, אורן, אדרי, דהן, and שמואלי