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Forename Πέτρος

In the entire world, Πέτρος (Peter Brazil Germany Mexico Nigeria United States, Pedro Brazil Germany Mexico Nigeria United States, Petros Brazil Germany Mexico Nigeria United States, and others...) is a prevalent masculine first name. The forename Πέτρος is characteristic of Greece, where it is a prevalent masculine name, Germany, and Portugal (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Brazil, Germany, and Mexico. Much less frequently, Πέτρος is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishΠέτρος is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Πέτρος

name Péter, name Pjeter, name Piero, name Bedros, name Petre, name Piters, name Pjotr, name Πέτρου, name Pieri, name Pjetur, name Pjetër, name Peadar, name П'Ер, name Petteri, name Per, name Petersilie, name Petri, name Petrezselyem, name Πετρος, name Петрос, name Peeter, name Pedr, name Pedru, name Petelo, name Pétur, name Pyotr, name Piet, name Persilla, name Pătrunjel, name Pieter, name Pedro, name Petur, name Petko, name Pierre, name Piatro, name Πέτρος, name Peru, name Petros, name Pēteris, name Petr, name Pero, name Peters, name Petrus, name Pèire, name Persil, name Pietro, name Peer, name Pætur, name Peder, name Pere, name Petter, name Petar, name Petro, name Πέτρα, name Parsley, name Piotr, name Peter, name Petru, name Petras
Peter, Petrus, Pedro, Pieter, Petros Germany, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Nigeria
Петрос Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia, Armenia
Peadar Australia, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
Petur Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Nigeria
Πέτρος Greece

First name Πέτρος in the context

Πέτρος is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Peter , the 1st Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Patriarch of Antioch and Apostle of Jesus Christ, Gospel of Mark; Spider-Man , the fictional character in Marvel Comics, The Amazing Spider-Man; Peter Pan , the fictional character created by J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan; Peter Griffin , the fictional character from the Family Guy franchise and Jay Garrick , the fictional character in the DC Comics universe, The Flash, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of πέτρος πατρίκιος πέτρος πατρίκιος πέτρος πατρίκιος Byzantine historian, GR (b. 500) link
picture of πέτρος α΄ της κύπρου πέτρος α΄ της κύπρου πέτρος α΄ της κύπρου King of Cyprus and King of Armenia, CY (b. 1328) link
picture of πέτρος φιλάργης πέτρος φιλάργης πέτρος φιλάργης Catholic cardinal and antipope 1409 to 1410, GR (b. 1339) link
πέτρος λαμπάρδος Greek painter, GR (b. 1500) link
picture of πέτρος αρκούδιος πέτρος αρκούδιος πέτρος αρκούδιος Greek theologian, GR (b. 1562) link
πέτρος μαρτίνος GR (b. 1510) link
picture of πέτρος μελισσηνός πέτρος μελισσηνός πέτρος μελισσηνός General of the Artillery of the Russian Empire, GR (b. 1726) link
πέτρος παπασταμάτης GR (b. 1673) link
πέτρος κατσαΐτης GR (b. 1700) link
picture of πέτρος μαυρομιχάλης πέτρος μαυρομιχάλης πέτρος μαυρομιχάλης Greek notable of Mani, revolutionary army leader, and politician, GR (b. 1765) link
πέτρος λαμπαδάριος Greek cantor, Teacher at the Patriarchal Music School, GR (b. 1730) link
πέτρος ο πελοποννήσιος (b. 1741) link
picture of πέτρος βράιλας αρμένης πέτρος βράιλας αρμένης πέτρος βράιλας αρμένης Greek politician (1812-1884), GR (b. 1812) link
picture of πέτρος δηλιγιάννης πέτρος δηλιγιάννης πέτρος δηλιγιάννης Greek politician and diplomat, GR (b. 1814) link
πέτρος βονδιόλης Greek scholar and physician, GR (b. 1765) link

Characteristic surnames

Χήρας, Θεοδώρου, Ορφανίδης, Παπαπέτρου, Στυλιανού, Αντωνίου, Ευαγγελίδης, Παυλίδης, Δεληγιάννης, Μιχαηλίδης, Αλεξάκης, Παπαδόπουλος, Παπαναστασίου, Πετρίδης, Καραγιάννης, Παπαδάτος, Κωνσταντινίδης, Καραγιαννίδης, Ιωαννίδης, Γαβριηλίδης, Γιαννόπουλος, Μπαμπης, Νακ, Κάπα, Λύρας, Ζιώγας, Ριζκ, Ξανθόπουλος, Ψαρρέας, Μπέλμπας, Κυριακοπουλος, Ζαφείρης, Κρητικός, Μάντης, Αγγελόπουλος, Πανδής, Πετρόπουλος, Πέτρου, Στυλιανός, Μαθιουδάκης, Τουρής, and Παναγιωτίδης