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Forename Piters

Throughout the world, Piters (Piters Indonesia France Netherlands Venezuela Belgium, Пітерс Ukraine, Питерс Russia Kazakhstan) is an extremely rare boy's first name. Much more prevalently, Piters is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Piters

name Péter, name Pjeter, name Piero, name Bedros, name Piters, name Pjotr, name Пітерс, name Pětr, name Pjetur, name Piarres, name Pjetër, name Petteri, name Per, name Pedar, name Pehr, name Petri, name Petyr, name Peetu, name Peeter, name Pedru, name Pétur, name Petelo, name Pyotr, name Piet, name Pieter, name Pedro, name Petur, name Petko, name Pierre, name Piatro, name Peru, name Petros, name Pēteris, name Boutros, name Petr, name Pero, name Peters, name Питерс, name Petrus, name Pietro, name Peer, name Peder, name Pere, name Pietari, name Petter, name Petar, name Petro, name Peter, name Piotr, name Pêr, name Kepa, name Petru, name Petras
Piters France, Venezuela, Belgium, Netherlands, Indonesia
Пітерс Ukraine
Питерс Kazakhstan, Russia

First name Piters in the context

Piters is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Peter , the 1st Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Patriarch of Antioch and Apostle of Jesus Christ, Gospel of Mark; Spider-Man , the fictional character in Marvel Comics, The Amazing Spider-Man; Peter Pan , the fictional character created by J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan; Peter Griffin , the fictional character from the Family Guy franchise and Jay Garrick , the fictional character in the DC Comics universe, The Flash, and in many other works.

Characteristic surnames

Mr, Susan, Stijn, Andre, Karin, Katia, Pedro, Piter, Ramon, Dylan, Gerry, Jayra, Jason, Johan, Julia, Toine, Emile, Fanny, Yanne, Yolis, Sandra, Stefan, Siggi, Maria, Vera, Eric, Kim, Rob, Roy, Rik, Guy, Lot, Luc, Jan, Jos, Mark, Steave, Maud, Bram, Paul, Peer, Ruud, Gerd, Luiz, John, Jean, Juan, Elke, Anja, and Andrea