First name Eliphelet in the world's Bibles

In the bible, Eliphelet is the name of the son of David (2SA 5:16), as well as name of son of Ahasbai, twenty-seventh of "the thirty" of David's men (2SA 23:34), son of David (1CH 3:6) [his OTHER son named Eliphelet], and son of Eshek (1CH 8:39)
(and others...)
. Meaning of the name: G-d [El] is [my] deliverance. Related names are: Elishama, Eliada, Jeush . The translations of Eliphelet in 20 languages of the Bible are illustrated in the
below, from Elifelet in Norwegian to אֱלִיפֶלֶט in Hebrew!
Name Eliphelet in the world's Bibles
Eliphelet the son of Ahasbai, the son of the Maachathite, Eliam the son of Ahithophel the Gilonite, (2SA 23:34)
Ibhar also, and Elishama, and Eliphelet, (1CH 3:6)
And Elishama, and Eliada, and Eliphelet, nine. (1CH 3:8)
And the sons of Eshek his brother were, Ulam his firstborn, Jehush the second, and Eliphelet the third. (1CH 8:39)
And of the last sons of Adonikam, whose names are these, Eliphelet, Jeiel, and Shemaiah, and with them threescore males. (EZR 8:13)
Of the sons of Hashum; Mattenai, Mattathah, Zabad, Eliphelet, Jeremai, Manasseh, and Shimei. (EZR 10:33)
And Elishama, and Eliada, and Eliphalet. (2SA 5:16)

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