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Surname Thet

Last name Thet (Thet Myanmar Mongolia Malaysia Thailand Indonesia, เทศ Thailand, เทศน์ Thailand) , throughout the world, is a widespread surname. The surname Thet is habitual in Mongolia, where it is a prevalent surname, Myanmar, where it is a widespread surname, and Singapore, where it is quite a rare surname. In absolute terms, it is commonest in Myanmar, Mongolia, and Malaysia. Also, Thet is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Thet Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Malaysia
เทศ, เทศน์, เทส Thailand

Notable namesakes

gilbert du thet French missionary (1575-1613), FR (b. 1575) link
thet zin Journal editor (b. 1901) link
thet u lai Burmese boxer, MM (b. 1947) link
sonny thet (b. 1954) link
thet win aung Student activist (1971-2006), MM (b. 1971) link
thet naing soe politician (b. 1974) link
thet sambath (b. 1967) link
thet mon aye Burmese politician, MM (b. 1979) link
thet ko aung researcher link
anthony thet German guitarist, DE (b. 1980) link
thet thet htar researcher link
thet naing aung Burmese zoologist link
thet oo maung Burmese film director link
thet wai nwe researcher link
thet su win researcher link