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Surname Petras

Last name Petras (Petras Slovakia Lithuania United States Philippines Romania, Пятрас Lithuania Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Belarus, Петрас Lithuania Ukraine Russia Kazakhstan Belarus) , in the world, is a common surname. The surname Petras is characteristic of Slovakia, where it is quite a common surname, Cabo Verde, and Czechia, where it is quite a rare surname. Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in Slovakia, the United States, and Philippines. Likewise, Petras is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Petras

Nomographic illustration
Petras Romania, Philippines, Slovakia, Lithuania, United States
Пятрас, Петрас Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia
Пётар Russia

Notable namesakes

petras mantigirdaitis statesman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (b. 1390) link
petras jonaitis mangirdaitis Lithuanian statesman (b. 1440) link
petras kiška ii (1519-1550) (b. 1519) link
petras kojelavičius-vijūkas Lithuanian writer, LT (b. 1622) link
petras kitnovskis LT (b. 1630) link
petras rapolas aleknavičius LT (b. 1754) link
picture of petras vileišis petras vileišis petras vileišis Lithuanian politician, LT (b. 1851) link
picture of petras kriaučiūnas petras kriaučiūnas petras kriaučiūnas RU (b. 1850) link
picture of paul petras paul petras paul petras PL (b. 1860) link
petras gomaliauskis Lithuanian writer, LT (b. 1820) link
picture of petras tarasenka petras tarasenka petras tarasenka Lithuanian archaeologist (1892-1962), LT (b. 1892) link
picture of petras jurgaitis petras jurgaitis petras jurgaitis politician, LT (b. 1894) link
picture of petras kubiliūnas petras kubiliūnas petras kubiliūnas Lithuanian general and politician (1894-1946), LT (b. 1894) link
picture of petras oleka petras oleka petras oleka Lithuanian opera singer, LT (b. 1895) link
picture of petras ciunis petras ciunis petras ciunis Lithuanian army officer, LT (b. 1898) link