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Surname Nikodemus

Surname Nikodemus (Nikodemus Indonesia Namibia Germany Tanzania Austria, Никодемус Kazakhstan) , around the globe, is quite a rare family name. The family name Nikodemus is habitual in Namibia, where it is quite a common surname, Austria, where it is quite a rare surname, and Slovakia, where it is a rare surname. Measured by absolute frequency, it is commonest in Indonesia, Namibia, and Germany. More prevalently, Nikodemus is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Nikodemus Austria, Germany, Tanzania, Indonesia, Namibia
Никодемус Kazakhstan

Notable namesakes

bernhard nikodemus German politician (1901-1975), DE (b. 1901) link
josef nikodemus DE (b. 1898) link
oļģerts nikodemus Latvian geographer, LV (b. 1954) link
denise nikodemus researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-4492-817X link
kerstin nikodemus link