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Surname Maverick

Family name Maverick (Maverick Philippines United States Indonesia Democratic Republic of the Congo Malaysia, マーベリック, مافريك) , globally, is quite a rare cognomen. The surname Maverick is habitual in Honduras, where it is quite a rare surname, Ghana, where it is a rare surname, and Jamaica. Measured by absolute frequency, the name is most common in Indonesia, the United States, and Ghana. More prevalently, Maverick is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Maverick

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Maverick Philippines, United States, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malaysia

Last names said to be same

Maurice, Mavérick, Mawr, Morrice, Morris, Máverick, and Маверицк

Notable namesakes

john maverick American minister (b. 1578) link
samuel maverick Massachusetts colonist, US (b. 1602) link
moses maverick Massachusetts colonist, US (b. 1611) link
elias maverick (b. 1604) link
elizabeth maverick 1649 - (b. 1649) link
picture of samuel maverick samuel maverick samuel maverick American engraver, US (b. 1789) link
picture of samuel maverick samuel maverick samuel maverick American politician (1803-1870), US (b. 1803) link
peter rushton maverick American silversmith, 1755-1811, US (b. 1755) link
peter maverick American engraver and lithographer (1780-1831), US (b. 1780) link
andrew maverick (1782-1826) (b. 1782) link
emily maverick American engraver, US (b. 1803) link
maria a. maverick American engraver, US (b. 1805) link
mary maverick American historian (b. 1818) link
albert maverick (b. 1854) link
augusta maverick kelley American artist and suffragist, US (b. 1885) link