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Surname Lou

Cognomen Lou (Lou China United States Algeria France Ivory Coast, لو Egypt Iraq Sudan Syria Saudi Arabia, 卢 China, along with others...) , around the world, is a prevalent surname. The family name Lou is characteristic of Macao, where it is a widespread surname, British Virgin Islands, where it is a common surname, and China (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in China, Algeria, and Ivory Coast. Very seldom, Lou is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Lou France, United States, Ivory Coast, China, Algeria
لو Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia
卢, 盧 China
ルー Japan
Лу Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan
לו Israel
Λου Greece

Notable namesakes

michel le lou French politician, FR (b. 1535) link
yves le lou French politician, FR (b. 1561) link
mammy lou American actress (1804-1918), US (b. 1804) link
picture of bonnie lou bonnie lou bonnie lou American rock and roll and country music singer (1924-2015), US (b. 1924) link
picture of liza lou liza lou liza lou American artist, US (b. 1969) link
ah yue lou German actor (1923-2005), DE (b. 1923) link
zikuang lou (b. 1916) link
picture of sandra lou sandra lou sandra lou French actress, FR (b. 1980) link
jian shing lou botanist (b. 1935) link
picture of marie josée ta lou marie josée ta lou marie josée ta lou Ivorian sprinter, CI (b. 1988) link
picture of camille lou camille lou camille lou French musician and singer, FR (b. 1992) link
picture of alice phoebe lou alice phoebe lou alice phoebe lou South African singer-songwriter, ZA (b. 1993) link
maría asunción martín lou Spanish geographer, ES (b. 1944) link
ron lou football player (born 1951) (b. 1951) link
sheldon lou (b. 1941) link