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Surname Johnsén

Family name Johnsén (Johnsén Sweden) , in the entire world, is a rare surname. The last name Johnsén is habitual in Northern Europe, particularly Sweden, where it is a rare surname.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Johnsén

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Johnsén Sweden

Notable namesakes

picture of albin johnsén albin johnsén albin johnsén Swedish artist, rapper, and songwriter, SE (b. 1989) link
henrik rydell johnsén SE (b. 1967) link

Characteristic forenames

Jan, Felicia, Yvonne, Hannah, Niklas, Gunnar, Annika, Marcus, Jenny, Janet, Lucas, Greta, Karin, Albin, Hans, Lena, Kristina, and Christoffer