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Surname Ivy

Cognomen Ivy (Ivy Philippines United States Kenya China Ghana, アイビー Japan, Иви Bulgaria Russia) , globally, is a common surname. The cognomen Ivy is characteristic of Macao, where it is quite a common surname, Hong Kong, and Brunei, where it is quite a rare surname. Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in the United States, China, and Ghana. More frequently, Ivy is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Ivy Philippines, Kenya, United States, Ghana, China
アイビー Japan
Иви Russia, Bulgaria

Notable namesakes

picture of saint ivy saint ivy saint ivy saint of Brittany (655-700s), GB (b. 655) link
picture of vernettie o. ivy vernettie o. ivy vernettie o. ivy politician, US (b. 1876) link
picture of andrew conway ivy andrew conway ivy andrew conway ivy American physician (1893-1978), US (b. 1893) link
richard carruthers ivy Richard Carruthers Ivy (1861-1901) 1901 Obituary [1] RICHARD CARRUTHERS IVY, son of Mr. John Robson Ivy, of London, was born on the 23rd Febru... (b. 1861) link
robert h. ivy American plastic surgeon (b. 1881) link
picture of bill ivy bill ivy bill ivy British motorcycle racer (1942-1969), GB (b. 1942) link
robert ivy American architect, US (b. 1901) link
james w. ivy edited The Crisis for the NAACP, US (b. 1901) link
picture of poison ivy poison ivy poison ivy American guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer, US (b. 1953) link
gregory ivy American academic (b. 1904) link
picture of j. ivy j. ivy j. ivy American spoken word artist (b. 1976) link
picture of corey ivy corey ivy corey ivy player of American football, US (b. 1977) link
picture of veronica ivy veronica ivy veronica ivy Canadian cyclist, transgender rights activist and professor of philosophy, CA (b. 1982) link
picture of alexandra ivy alexandra ivy alexandra ivy pornographic performer (b. 1987), US (b. 1987) link
picture of madison ivy madison ivy madison ivy American pornographic actress, US (b. 1989) link

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