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Surname Garrick

Family name Garrick (Garrick United States Jamaica United Kingdom Malaysia Australia, גריק Israel) , worldwide, is quite a common surname. The surname Garrick is habitual in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where it is quite a common surname, Guadeloupe, and Jamaica. Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in the United States, Jamaica, and the United Kingdom. Likewise, Garrick is the forename as well as the last name.

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Garrick Australia, Jamaica, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia
גריק Israel

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Notable namesakes

picture of david garrick david garrick david garrick English actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer (1717-1779), GB (b. 1717) link
peter garrick (b. 1710) link
edward garrick Wigmaker's apprentice who started the Boston Massacre (b. 1757) link
picture of francis james garrick francis james garrick francis james garrick New Zealand politician, NZ (b. 1833) link
picture of james francis garrick james francis garrick james francis garrick Australian politician, AU (b. 1836) link
picture of yvonne garrick yvonne garrick yvonne garrick French theatre actress, FR (b. 1878) link
william arthur garrick (b. 1827) link
joseph garrick Australian lawyer, AU (b. 1846) link
henry bailey wade garrick British archaeologist and photographer, IN (b. 1861) link
thomas garrick American actor and writer, US (b. 1863) link
richard garrick American actor and director (1878-1962), US (b. 1878) link
stanley garrick Bennese courtier (b. 1888) link
picture of david garrick david garrick david garrick English pop singer (1945-2013), GB (b. 1945) link
john garrick actor (1902-1966), GB (b. 1902) link
picture of martin garrick martin garrick martin garrick American politician, US (b. 1953) link