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Surname Faye

Cognomen Faye (Faye Senegal United States United Kingdom India France, フェイ Japan, فاي Sudan Egypt Saudi Arabia Iraq Libya, and others...) , around the globe, is a widespread surname. The surname Faye is characteristic of Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Senegal, where it is a widespread surname, Gambia, where it is a common surname, and Gabon, where it is quite a common surname. Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in Senegal, India, and France. Likewise, Faye is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Faye India, United Kingdom, Senegal, United States, France
フェイ Japan
فاي Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya
פיי Israel
Фэй Kyrgyzstan, Russia
费伊 China
Файе Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia

Notable namesakes

giovanni antonio da faye IT (b. 1409) link
abraham de la faye French teacher in Jena, Germany (b. 1600) link
jean-élie leriget de la faye FR (b. 1671) link
gabriel faye French politician, FR (b. 1740) link
picture of andreas faye andreas faye andreas faye Norwegian priest, NO (b. 1802) link
picture of frans christian faye frans christian faye frans christian faye Norwegian professor, NO (b. 1806) link
picture of hans faye hans faye hans faye (b. 1797) link
hervé-charles-antoine faye engineer, FR (b. 1763) link
picture of hervé faye hervé faye hervé faye French astronomer, FR (b. 1814) link
gerhard faye NO (b. 1760) link
david faye Norwegian merchant and politician (1770-1835), NO (b. 1770) link
gerhard faye (b. 1765) link
picture of jacob faye jacob faye jacob faye Norwegian diplomat (b. 1829) link
pierre polycarpe faye (b. 1776) link
pierre françois jean bogne de faye (b. 1778) link