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Surname Ek

Last name Ek (Ek Mexico Sweden India Laos Thailand, เอก Thailand, Эк Russia Kazakhstan) , globally, is a common family name. The last name Ek is habitual in Sweden, where it is quite a common surname, Belize, and Mexico (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in Mexico, Sweden, and India. Likewise, Ek is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ek

Nomographic illustration
Ek Thailand, Sweden, Laos, India, Mexico
เอก Thailand
Эк Kazakhstan, Russia
エク Japan

Notable namesakes

johannes ek Swedish priest, SE (b. 1469) link
fredrika elisabet ek (b. 1742) link
picture of johan gustaf ek johan gustaf ek johan gustaf ek Swedish classical philologist, SE (b. 1808) link
jacob ek SE (b. 1774) link
picture of selma ek selma ek selma ek singer, SE (b. 1856) link
jacob fredrik ek (b. 1802) link
johan gustaf ek SE (b. 1805) link
erik ek 2 Aug 1830 Bollnäs - 14 Jun 1885 Bollnäs (b. 1830) link
picture of karin ek karin ek karin ek Swedish writer, SE (b. 1885) link
robert ek FI (b. 1830) link
picture of sverker ek sverker ek sverker ek SE (b. 1887) link
anthonie ek Dutch architect, NL (b. 1857) link
victor ek Finnish shipowner and commercial counselor, FI (b. 1858) link
picture of birger ek birger ek birger ek Finnish aviator, FI (b. 1911) link
picture of anders ek anders ek anders ek actor (1916-1979), SE (b. 1916) link