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Surname Cyrus

Last name Cyrus (Ciro Italy Mexico Brazil United States Philippines, Cyrus Italy Mexico Kenya Brazil United States, سيروس Iran, along with others...) , around the world, is a common cognomen. The cognomen Cyrus is habitual in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Grenada, where it is a common surname, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Barbados, where it is quite a common surname (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is commonest in Mexico, Colombia, and the United States. More frequently, Cyrus is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Cyrus

Nomographic illustration
Ciro Philippines, Italy, Brazil, United States, Mexico
Cyrus Kenya, Italy, Brazil, United States, Mexico
سيروس Iran
Кир Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan
Сайрус Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
סיירוס Israel

Notable namesakes

mathias cyrus 1566-1618; Schulinspektor u. Schriftsteller in Prag; Priester der Böhmischen Brüder, CZ (b. 1566) link
vincentius cyrus (b. 1605) link
joseph cyrus great grandfather of Billy Ray Cyrus (b. 1872) link
allan cyrus Swedish writer, SE (b. 1887) link
verlina cyrus mother of Ron Cyrus (b. 1894) link
eldon cyrus father of Ron Cyrus (b. 1895) link
abraham c. cyrus Saint Vincent and the Grenadines politician, VC (b. 1900) link
picture of billy ray cyrus billy ray cyrus billy ray cyrus American singer and actor, US (b. 1961) link
georg cyrus DE (b. 1901) link
bohumil cyrus CZ (b. 1905) link
záviš cyrus CZ (b. 1907) link
cecil cyrus Vincentian physician (b. 1929) link
jaroslav cyrus (b. 1921) link
hannelore cyrus German social scientist and historian, DE (b. 1935) link
ron cyrus Kentucky-born Democratic politician (1935-2006), US (b. 1935) link