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Surname Bode

Family name Bode (Bode Germany Nigeria India Egypt United States, بوده Egypt Sudan Saudi Arabia Yemen Libya, 博德 China, and others...) , all over the world, is a common surname. The last name Bode is habitual in Germany, where it is quite a common surname, Albania, and Egypt (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Germany, Egypt, and Nigeria. Likewise, Bode is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Bode

Nomographic illustration
Bode Germany, Egypt, United States, India, Nigeria
بوده Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia
博德 China
Боде Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
Бодэ Kazakhstan, Russia

Notable namesakes

peeter bode Belgian mayor, BE (b. 1350) link
gerhard bode theologian, DE (b. 1620) link
gerhard bode lawyer and traveller from Germany, DE (b. 1641) link
heinrich bode German jurist (1652-1720), DE (b. 1652) link
jordan bode DE (b. 1643) link
justus volrad ritter von bode (b. 1667) link
sophia elisabeth eleonore bode 14 Jan 1679 Westerburg - (b. 1679) link
picture of johann joachim christoph bode johann joachim christoph bode johann joachim christoph bode German translator, DE (b. 1731) link
johann friedrich bode DE (b. 1680) link
picture of johann elert bode johann elert bode johann elert bode German astronomer, DE (b. 1747) link
eleonore leopoldine marianne von bode (b. 1692) link
johann heinrich bode (b. 1722) link
christoph august bode DE (b. 1722) link
johannes fredericus bode DE (b. 1729) link
picture of wilhelm bode wilhelm bode wilhelm bode DE (b. 1779) link