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Surname Bella

Family name Bella (Bella Indonesia Democratic Republic of the Congo Philippines Algeria Morocco, Belle Indonesia Democratic Republic of the Congo Philippines Algeria Morocco, Белла Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Armenia Belarus, among others...) , in the entire world, is a widespread cognomen. The last name Bella is characteristic of Seychelles, where it is a common surname, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Barbados (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Indonesia, Algeria, and Morocco. Also, Bella is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Bella

Nomographic illustration
Belle, Bella Philippines, Morocco, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Algeria
Бела, Белла Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Armenia
Бэлла Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia
בלה Israel
بيلا Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria
贝拉 China

Last names said to be same

Bel, Bello, Bellà, Bellá, Bellágh, Bellâ, Bellã, Bellā, Bellă, Bellą, Belĺa, Belła, Beĺla, Beĺĺa, Beļļa, Bełla, Bełła, Bełłâ, Bełłã, Bèlla, Bèllà, Bèllá, Bèllâ, Bèllã, Bèllā, Bèllă, Bèllẵ, Bèĺĺa, Bèĺĺà, Bèĺĺá, Bèĺĺâ, Bèłła, Bèłłà, Bèłłâ, Bèłłã, Bélla, Béllà, Béllá, Béllâ, Béllã, Béllā, Béllă, Béllą, Bélĺã, Bélła, Bélłã, Béĺlà, Béĺĺa, Béĺĺà, Béĺĺá, Béĺĺã, Béĺłâ, Béļļà, Béļľà, Béľľã, Béłłà, Béłłá, Béłłâ, Béłłã, Béłłā, Bêlla, Bêllà, Bêllá, Bêllâ, Bêllã, Bêllā, Bêllă, Bêllą, Bêĺĺâ, Bêĺĺã, Bêľľâ, Bêłła, Bêłłà, Bêłłâ, Bêłłã, Bêłłă, Bêłłą, Bëlla, Bëllà, Bëllá, Bëllâ, Bëllã, Bëllā, Bëllă, Bëllą, Bëĺlã, Bëĺĺa, Bëĺĺâ, Bëĺĺã, Bëĺłã, Bëłlã, Bëłľá, Bëłła, Bëłłâ, Bëłłã, Bëłłă, Bëłłą, Bēlla, Bēllà, Bēllâ, Bēllã, Bēllā, Bēłłã, Bēłłā, Bĕlla, Bĕllà, Bĕllâ, Bĕllã, Bĕllā, Bĕllă, Bĕllą, Bĕĺĺã, Bĕĺĺă, Bĕľľă, Bĕłlă, Bĕłłã, Bĕłłă, Bĕłłą, Bėlla, Bėllà, Bėllâ, Bėllã, Bėllā, Bėłłā, Bęlla, Bęllà, Bęllá, Bęllâ, Bęllã, Bęllā, Bęllă, Bęllą, Bęĺĺã, Bęłłã, Bęłłā, Bęłłă, Bęłłą, Bělla, Běllà, Běllá, Běllâ, Běllã, Běllā, Běllă, Běllą, Běllǎ, Běĺĺà, Běĺĺâ, Běĺĺã, Běĺĺă, Běľľă, Běłłã, Běłłā, Běłłă, Běłłą, Bǝlla, Bəllã, Bẻłlă, Bẽlla, Bẽllã, Isabella, Μπέλλα, Ахмадулина, Ахмадуллина, بلا, and 贝莱

Notable namesakes

picture of giano della bella giano della bella giano della bella Italian politician, FR (b. 1250) link
picture of stefano della bella stefano della bella stefano della bella engraver, printmaker (1610-1664), FR (b. 1610) link
ardelio della bella (1654-1737), IT (b. 1654) link
ardelio della bella (b. 1655) link
picture of gabriele bella gabriele bella gabriele bella Italian painter (1730-1799), IT (b. 1730) link
domenico dalla bella IT (b. 1680) link
melchiorre di bella author (18th century) (b. 1701) link
melchiorre della bella Italian engraver active in Palermo between 1762 and 1790 (b. 1739) link
auguste bella FR (b. 1777) link
picture of ján levoslav bella ján levoslav bella ján levoslav bella Slovak conductor, composer and educator, SK (b. 1843) link
picture of bella lajos bella lajos bella lajos Hongaars archaeologist (1850–1937), HU (b. 1850) link
giovanni della bella Italian engraver (b. 1802) link
giuseppe bella Italian politician, IT (b. 1808) link
picture of methoděj bella methoděj bella methoděj bella Czechoslovak member of Czechoslovak national parliament and slovak nation politician, SK (b. 1869) link
picture of simon de la bella simon de la bella simon de la bella Dutch politician (1889-1942), NL (b. 1889) link