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Surname Augusta

Cognomen Augusta (Augusta Nigeria Brazil Ghana United States Italy, Doe Nigeria Ghana Myanmar United States Indonesia, Августа Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Moldova Bulgaria) , all over the world, is a widespread surname. The surname Augusta is characteristic of Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Liberia, where it is quite a common surname, Nigeria, and Ghana (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, the name is most common in Nigeria, Ghana, and the United States. Also, Augusta is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Augusta Italy, Brazil, United States, Ghana, Nigeria
Doe Myanmar, United States, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria
Августа Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia
Аугуста Russia, Ukraine

Notable namesakes

picture of claudia augusta claudia augusta claudia augusta daughter of Nero and Poppaea Sabina, IT (b. 63) link
picture of constanza augusta constanza augusta constanza augusta Empress Consort of Nicaea and Illegitimate daughter:Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and his mistress, Bianca Lancia, ES (b. 1230) link
picture of jan augusta jan augusta jan augusta CZ (b. 1500) link
cristoforo augusta Italian painter, IT (b. 1600) link
prinsessan kristina augusta (b. 1623) link
maria augusta, prinzessin zu fürstenberg 7 May 1695 Günzburg - 18 Feb 1770 Brünn, CZ (b. 1695) link
picture of mlle augusta mlle augusta mlle augusta ballet dancer 1806—1901, DE (b. 1806) link
picture of nísia floresta brasileira augusta nísia floresta brasileira augusta nísia floresta brasileira augusta Brazilian writer, BR (b. 1810) link
picture of alexander thomas augusta alexander thomas augusta alexander thomas augusta American Civil War surgeon, US (b. 1825) link
picture of antonín augusta antonín augusta antonín augusta US (b. 1832) link
picture of félix josé de augusta félix josé de augusta félix josé de augusta German surgeon and missionary (1860-1935), DE (b. 1860) link
picture of jaroslav augusta jaroslav augusta jaroslav augusta Czech painter (1878-1970), CZ (b. 1878) link
julia augusta, lady henley (died 1862), First wife of 3rd Baron Henley; daughter of Very Reverend John Peel, Dean of Worcester (b. 1828) link
hedvig henrietta emilie augusta, countess sandels (b. 1829) link
josef augusta politician (1852-1933), CZ (b. 1852) link