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Surname 남궁

Surname 남궁 (Namkoong South Korea United States Japan Indonesia Canada, Namkung United States Hong Kong Canada China India, 남궁 South Korea) , worldwide, is quite a common last name. The family name 남궁 is characteristic of South Korea, where it is quite a common surname, Malta, where it is quite a rare surname, and Hong Kong, where it is a rare surname. Measured by absolute frequency, it is commonest in South Korea, the United States, and Japan. Much less frequently, 남궁 is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name 남궁

Nomographic illustration
Namkoong Japan, South Korea, Canada, Indonesia, United States
Namkung India, Hong Kong, Canada, China, United States
남궁 South Korea

Last names said to be same

Namgoong, Namgung, 南宫, and 南宮

Notable namesakes

picture of 남궁근 남궁근 남궁근 KR (b. 1954) link
조셀 남궁 Korean-born American photographer (1919–2013), US (b. 1919) link
남궁준 South Korean arachnologist, KR (b. 1920) link
picture of 남궁웅 남궁웅 남궁웅 South Korean footballer, KR (b. 1984) link

Characteristic forenames

정숙, 재식, and 미옥