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Surname ナオミ

Surname ナオミ (Naomi Democratic Republic of the Congo Japan United States Tanzania Nigeria, Naomie Democratic Republic of the Congo United States Nigeria Kenya Indonesia, ナオミ Japan) , around the globe, is a widespread cognomen. The last name ナオミ is habitual in Japan, where it is quite a common surname, Guadeloupe, and Suriname (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it most frequently occurs in Japan, Nigeria, and Indonesia. More prevalently, ナオミ is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name ナオミ

Nomographic illustration
Naomi Tanzania, United States, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Japan
Naomie Kenya, United States, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria
ナオミ Japan

Notable namesakes

picture of 鈴木ナオミ 鈴木ナオミ 鈴木ナオミ Japanese singer, JP link
星ナオミ Japanese actress, JP (b. 1938) link
谷ナオミ Japanese actress, JP (b. 1948) link
ナオミ・レモン Japanese mangaka and illustrator, JP (b. 1972) link
山口ナオミ Japanese AV idol, JP (b. 1978) link
丸山ナオミ Japanese seiyū, JP link
丹生ナオミ Japanese composer, JP link
黄前ナオミ Japanese model, JP link
宮路ナオミ Japanese AV idol, JP (b. 1985) link
鮎河ナオミ JP (b. 1982) link

Characteristic forenames

カン, ウラ, スエ, スミ, スワ, スダ, エマ, セト, セラ, セキ, セオ, ソネ, ゴマ, マキ, ミキ, ハマ, ハラ, ハノ, ハガ, フノ, ナス, トダ, ウイ, キシ, キタ, キダ, カチ, カイ, カジ, カセ, アベ, アソ, イダ, シダ, シキ, オカ, トキ, オキ, オダ, タゴ, タニ, タダ, タン, サト, サワ, サノ, コマ, コガ, オノ, and ヒノ