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Surname นคร

Cognomen นคร (นคร Thailand, Nakorn Thailand South Korea United States China Malaysia, Nakhon Thailand Israel Myanmar United States India) , around the globe, is quite a common surname. The surname นคร is habitual in Thailand, where it is quite a rare surname, Israel, where it is a rare surname, and Cambodia, where it is a very rare surname. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Thailand, Israel, and the United States. More prevalently, นคร is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
นคร Thailand
Nakorn Thailand, United States, South Korea, Malaysia, China
Nakhon Myanmar, Thailand, United States, Israel, India
Nakhorn United Kingdom, Thailand, United States

Notable namesakes

เปลื้อง ณ นคร Thai politician (1909-1998), TH (b. 1909) link
ประเสริฐ ณ นคร Thai historian and archaeologist, TH (b. 1919) link
อรอำไพ โกมารกุล ณ นคร (b. 1910) link
คณิต ณ นคร Thai lawyer, TH (b. 1937) link
ชนาพัทธ์ ณ นคร TH (b. 1971) link
เสริม ณ นคร TH (b. 1978) link