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Surname Шабани

Surname Шабани (Shabani Tanzania Kosovo Albania Iran Democratic Republic of the Congo, Shabany Tanzania Iran Germany United States Syria, Шабани Russia) , around the world, is a widespread last name. The cognomen Шабани is habitual in Kosovo, where it is a common surname, Tanzania, and Albania (explore the name in all countries). Likewise, Шабани is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Шабани

Nomographic illustration
Shabani Tanzania, Iran, Albania, Kosovo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Shabany Germany, Tanzania, Iran, United States, Syria
Шабани Russia
Šabani Croatia

Last names said to be same

Chabani, and שבאני

Notable namesakes

ресул шабани Macedonian poet, MK (b. 1944) link
арзана шабани Macedonian cyclist, MK link

Characteristic forenames

Ава, Ареф, Раван, Алиреза, and Ибрагим