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Surname Дане

Last name Дане (Dane United States India Democratic Republic of the Congo France Australia, Danet United States India France Australia Romania, Дане Kazakhstan Bulgaria Russia Kyrgyzstan Ukraine) , throughout the world, is a common surname. The last name Дане is habitual in North Macedonia, where it is quite a common surname, France, where it is quite a rare surname, and Romania. Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in India, France, and the United States. Likewise, Дане is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Дане

Nomographic illustration
Dane Australia, France, United States, India, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Danet Australia, Romania, France, United States, India
Дане Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, Kyrgyzstan

Last names said to be same

Danye, دانيت, دين, デイン, and 达内

Notable namesakes

picture of јордан цеков - дане јордан цеков - дане јордан цеков - дане Macedonian partisan, MK (b. 1921) link

Characteristic forenames

Керкез, Мандић, Дамјановић, Жошыбаева, Борисова, and Маматбекова