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Forename Yanti

Worldwide, Yanti (Yanti Indonesia Malaysia Taiwan Saudi Arabia Hong Kong, ยันติ Thailand) is a common mostly girly, but uncommonly boy's first name. The given name Yanti is habitual in Indonesia, where it is quite a common dominantly female, but infrequently masculine name, Brunei, where it is quite a common feminine name, and Macao, where it is quite a rare feminine name. Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in Indonesia, Taiwan, and Saudi Arabia. Also, Yanti is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Yanti

name 彦体, name ยันติ, name 衍悌, name 衍倜, name 艳踢, name 言提, name 砚锑, name 煙蒂, name 演悌, name 燕提, name 雁题, name 延提, name 燕锑, name 彦题, name 彦缇, name 研题, name 彦倜, name Янті, name 延瑅, name 衍蒂, name 雁啼, name Янти, name 艳体, name 艳提, name Yanti, name 延体, name 岩体, name 艳蒂, name Yantı, name 妍缇, name 严蒂, name Yànti, name 延题, name 燕题, name 衍梯, name 延踢, name 燕体, name 炎悌, name 燕體, name 岩提
Yanti Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia
ยันติ Thailand

Notable namesakes

picture of yanti somer yanti somer yanti somer Finnish actress, FI (b. 1948) link
rinie sri yanti Indonesian politician (born 1955 in Padang), ID (b. 1955) link
yanti kusmiati Indonesian badminton player, ID (b. 1962) link
yanti maria Indonesian politician (born 1966 in Pekanbaru), ID (b. 1966) link
yanti rayana dewi ID (b. 1959) link
yanti taslim Indonesian politician (born 1971 in Kota Bandar Lampung), ID (b. 1971) link
yanti widiawati soetarman Indonesian politician (born 1972), ID (b. 1972) link
yanti panjaitan Indonesian politician (born 1974 in Garut), ID (b. 1974) link
yanti martini Indonesian politician (born 1975 in Cimahi), ID (b. 1975) link
prima gusti yanti ID (b. 1966) link
yanti maria susanti Indonesian politician (born 1976 in Koto Iman), ID (b. 1976) link
yanti octavia Indonesian politician (born 1977 in Padang), ID (b. 1977) link
yanti mahmudah Indonesian political candidate, ID link
ka'bah derita yanti Indonesian political candidate, ID link
yanti andriyani reseacher in New Zealand link