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Forename Wasil

Around the world, Wasil (Wasil Pakistan Poland Indonesia India Malaysia, واصل Yemen Egypt Saudi Arabia Syria Iraq, Васіл Ukraine) is a common male first name. The given name Wasil is characteristic of Syria, where it is quite a rare masculine name, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Also, Wasil is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Wasil

name Wassili, name Vasyl, name Vasilije, name Wâïl, name Vazul, name Basílio, name Basilide, name Vasily, name Bazilij, name Vaszilij, name Vassil, name Wâîl, name Vasilios, name Bazyli, name Vasili, name Wąsil, name Vassili, name Vassyl, name Vaszil, name Wâil, name Vasilij, name Wasyl, name Βασίλειος, name Vasilis, name واصل, name Vasiliy, name Pasi, name Wassil, name Vasil', name Wasilij, name Wâîł, name Vasileios, name Васіл, name Bazil, name Basil, name Wâìl, name Vasile, name Basilio, name Basilius, name Basile, name Bazilo, name Wasil, name Basileios, name Vasil, name Vassilios, name Vassilis, name Vasilii, name Vassileios, name Wâïł, name Wâíl, name Basili, name Wassily, name Wassyl
Wasil Pakistan, Poland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia
واصل Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia
Васіл Ukraine

Notable namesakes

wasil semenovich olelkovich (b. 1425) link
wasil jiwkow (b. 1926) link
wasil rasool sheikh researcher link
wasil drucki link
wasil ahmad enfant soldat afghan, AF link