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Forename Virginia

Throughout the world, Virginia (Virginia United States Mexico Philippines Argentina Brazil, Virgínia Brazil Spain United States Argentina Italy, Wirginia United States Mexico Argentina Brazil Venezuela, along with others...) is a prevalent female first name. The first name Virginia is habitual in Uruguay, where it is a common female name, Philippines, and Mexico (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in the United States, Mexico, and Philippines. Very seldom, Virginia is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Virginia

name Virginía, name فيرجينيا, name Виргиниа, name Ginger, name Vírginia, name Virgìnia, name Biring, name Verginius, name Віргініа, name Виргиния, name Виргинйа, name Виржини, name Виржиния, name Virginiá, name Вирхиния, name Virginia, name Virginius, name Virgiñia, name Virgínia, name Вірджинія, name Verginia, name Wirginia, name וירג'יניה, name Virginie, name Вирджиния, name Virgīnija, name Virgínía, name バージニア, name 弗吉尼亚, name Vìrginia, name Vírgínia, name Vergilius, name เวอร์จิเนีย, name Βιργινία, name فرجينيا, name Gigi, name Virginija, name Vîrgînîâ
Virginia Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Mexico
Virgínia Argentina, Spain, Italy, Brazil, United States
Wirginia Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, United States, Mexico
Виргиния Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria
فيرجينيا Iraq, Egypt
Вирджиния Russia, Belarus
וירג'יניה Israel
弗吉尼亚 China

First name Virginia in the context

Virginia is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Virginia Mosby , the fictional character from the television series How I Met Your Mother; Virginia Lake , the fictional character, UFO; Virginia Valdi , the theatrical character in the play "The flower of Levante"; Virginia Harrison , the Fictional TV character and Virginia Stanton Biddlecomb , and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

virginia, martire romana martyr from the reign of Marcus Aurelius, IT (b. 101) link
virginia of poitu saint (b. 500) link
picture of virginia de médicis virginia de médicis virginia de médicis Italian noble (1568-1615), FR (b. 1568) link
virginia martini salvi (b. 1510) link
picture of virginia ramponi andreini virginia ramponi andreini virginia ramponi andreini Italian actress and opera singer, IT (b. 1583) link
picture of virginia dare virginia dare virginia dare first child born in the Americas to English parents, US (b. 1587) link
picture of virginia centurione bracelli virginia centurione bracelli virginia centurione bracelli Italian saint (1587-1651), IT (b. 1587) link
picture of virginia vezzi virginia vezzi virginia vezzi Italian painter (1601-1638), IT (b. 1600) link
picture of virginia galilei virginia galilei virginia galilei daughter of Galileo Galilei and Marina Gamba, IT (b. 1600) link
virginia della rovere IT (b. 1544) link
virginia eriksdotter Swedish noble, SE (b. 1559) link
virginia tacci Italian equestrian, IT (b. 1566) link
virginia odone Feb 1642 Ajaccio - (b. 1642) link
virginia christina lilliehöök af fårdala Jan 1686 - 3 Dec 1726 Stockholm (b. 1686) link
virginia bazzani cavazzoni IT (b. 1681) link