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Forename Teresa

Around the globe, Teresa (Teresa Poland Mexico United States Spain Argentina, Тереза Belarus Ukraine Russia Armenia Bulgaria, Тереса Belarus Ukraine Russia Kazakhstan Lithuania, among others...) is a prevalent girly given name. The forename Teresa is characteristic of Mexico, where it is a common female name, Argentina, and Guam (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is the most numerous in Mexico, the United States, and Argentina. Likewise, Teresa is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Teresa

name Teresi, name Téresa, name Teri, name Térésa, name Terësa, name Terǝsa, name Tereša, name Терэса, name تريزا, name Teresita, name Teresia, name Терезия, name Tèrèsa, name Teréz, name Tèresa, name Terezia, name Тереза, name Tërësa, name Τερέζα, name Tèrèsà, name Терес, name Тэреса, name Therése, name Тереса, name テレサ, name Terésa, name Tereza, name Terêsa, name Térèsa, name Têrêsa, name Teresa, name Teresà, name Therese, name Resi, name Tareixa, name Teresɑ, name Терезія, name Têrêxa, name Teresė, name Тэрэза, name Terese, name תרזה, name Ťeresa, name Terezija, name Ана, name Theresia, name Terezie, name Terēze, name Terézia, name Theresa, name Thérèse, name Тэрэса, name Teresá, name Thesi, name Theres, name 特雷莎, name Terèsa, name Têrêsâ
Teresa United States, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Poland
Тереза Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria
Тереса Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
تريزا Iraq, Palestinian Territory, Egypt, Libya, Sudan
テレサ Japan
特雷莎 China
תרזה Israel
Τερέζα Greece

First name Teresa in the context

Teresa is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Teresa Lisbon , the fictional character on the American TV crime drama The Mentalist; Teresa Panza , character in Don Quixote; Teresa , the fictional character from 86; Teresa Ross , the fictional character, The Squire of Gothos and Teresa , the fictional character based on the Barbie doll, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

teresa ansúrez Queen Consort of Leon, ES (b. 901) link
teresa of león, queen of pamplona Queen of Pamplona (b. 928) link
teresa ramírez (b. 928) link
picture of teresa de leão teresa de leão teresa de leão Countess-Queen of Portugal, PT (b. 1080) link
teresa of aragon princess (b. 1037) link
picture of teresa de portugal teresa de portugal teresa de portugal Countess of Flanders and Duchess of Burgundy (1157-1218), PT (b. 1157) link
teresa fernández de traba Spanish queen consort, ES (b. 1125) link
teresa gonçalves de sousa Lady of Soverosa, PT (b. 1140) link
picture of teresa sanches de portugal teresa sanches de portugal teresa sanches de portugal Lady of Meneses and Albuquerque, PT (b. 1205) link
teresa soares de ribadouro Lady of Sousa, PT (b. 1200) link
teresa yañez de limia Lady of Sousa (b. 1200) link
teresa pires ii de baião PT (b. 1210) link
teresa gonzález de lara Peerage person ID=113419 (b. 1220) link
teresa alfonso de león (b. 1216) link
teresa alfonso de molina (b. 1225) link