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Forename Tai

Globally, Tai (Tai India China Myanmar Malaysia Vietnam, タイ Japan, تاي Sudan Iraq Saudi Arabia Algeria Iran, and others...) is a widespread gender-neutral given name. The forename Tai is characteristic of Macao, where it is quite a common epicene name, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, where it is quite a common masculine name. Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in India, Vietnam, and Japan. Likewise, Tai is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Tai

name Tâï, name Taí, name Talj, name Tāi, name Tăî, name Đái, name Sinno, name Minato, name Thai, name Hata, name Tàí, name タイ, name 왕, name Tas, name Yí, name Tâi, name تاي, name Tâî, name Syin, name Chin, name Tahi, name Tãi, name Hada, name Jin, name Tãï, name Shin, name Ruì, name Tăī, name Rui, name Tayi, name Tài, name Shinno, name Taì, name Tay, name Taï, name Tãí, name Tè, name Tàghi, name Tikai, name Tie, name Mina, name Tai, name Dai, name Тай, name טאי, name Tãî, name Sin, name Kai, name Tàghï, name Tae, name Tái, name Taĩ, name Thae, name Таи, name Taî, name Džin, name Tàï
Tai Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, China
タイ Japan
تاي Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
Тай Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan
טאי Israel
Таи Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus
South Korea

First name Tai in the context

Tai is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Tai San , the fictional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character; Tai Lung , the main antagonist of the 2008 film Kung Fu Panda; Tai , the fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe; Tai Huang and Ty Johnson , the fictional character in the television series The Almighty Johnsons, among other works.

Notable namesakes

zhou tai Chinese Cao Wei state general (died 261) (b. 201) link
shang tai Ming dynasty person CBDB = 198375 (b. 1425) link
picture of jue quon tai jue quon tai jue quon tai actor (b. 1898) link
atomi tai (Japanese, 1884–1953) (b. 1884) link
jue so tai vaudeville singer and actress (b. 1899) link
picture of kobe tai kobe tai kobe tai American pornographic actress, US (b. 1972) link
picture of min tai min tai min tai Chinese novelist and film producer link
yu tse tai (b. 1923) link
huynh tan tai badminton player, VN (b. 1940) link
picture of kara tai kara tai kara tai US (b. 1984) link
tenshō tai TW (b. 1935) link
ashraf tai Pakistani martial artist, PK (b. 1947) link
li chung tai Hong Kong judoka (b. 1951) link
lim tee tai (b. 1955) link
qin tai Ming dynasty person CBDB = 311798 link