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Forename Rida

In the world, Rida (رضا Iran Egypt Iraq Saudi Arabia Algeria, Rida Morocco Algeria Indonesia Pakistan Lebanon, Рида Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Kyrgyzstan Belarus, along with others...) is a widespread dominantly male, but uncommonly girly forename. The first name Rida is habitual in Egypt, where it is a common mostly boy's, but infrequently girly name, Iraq, where it is a common primarily masculine, but very infrequently female name, and Morocco (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Egypt, Iraq, and Algeria. Very seldom, Rida is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Rida

name Riđa, name Ridâ, name Riḍā, name Ridā, name Rìdá, name Rïda, name Рида, name Rîďà, name Rìda, name Rídâ, name Rìđa, name Rídá, name Ríđá, name Rídà, name Rîđã, name Ridă, name Rïdą, name Rïdà, name Rïdā, name 里达, name Rîdã, name رضا, name Rïdã, name Riďã, name Ridá, name Rîdâ, name Ridat, name Rìdā, name Ríđã, name Rídã, name Rîđa, name Rida, name Rïdâ, name Rîdà, name Rìdà, name Riđá, name Ríđa, name Rîdā, name Rîdă, name Ріда, name Rída, name Rìdâ, name Riđã, name Rîdá, name Rìđã, name Riđà, name Rìdã, name Rîda, name Bedridden, name Ridã, name Rïdá, name Riďa, name Rîđâ, name Ridà, name Rïdă
رضا Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
Rida Morocco, Pakistan, Indonesia, Lebanon, Algeria
Рида Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
里达 China
Ріда Ukraine

Notable namesakes

abd al-karim kashmirí ben aklibat mahmud ben bulaki ben muhammad rida (b. 1700) link
picture of rida johnson young rida johnson young rida johnson young American playwright and songwriter, US (b. 1869) link
rida said Syrian surgeon, SY (b. 1876) link
rida saeed Syrian doctor (1876–1946), SY (b. 1876) link
rida k. liamsi Indonesian artist, ID (b. 1943) link
rida lamrini Moroccan jurist, MA (b. 1948) link
rida cabanilla American politician, US (b. 1952) link
zalmasri rida Indonesian politician (born 1953 in Sungai Penuh), ID (b. 1953) link
rida khawaldeh politician (b. 1962) link
rida budiyati Indonesian politician (born 1966), ID (b. 1966) link
rida a. m. t. farouki (b. 1957) link
rida daalouche (b. 1958) link
rida farida Indonesian singer, ID (b. 1971) link
rida kemala Indonesian politician (born 1974 in Tinjoan), ID (b. 1974) link
rida belghiat filmmaker, FR (b. 1976) link