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Forename Reza

Globally, Reza (رضا Iran Egypt Iraq Saudi Arabia Algeria, Reza Bangladesh Indonesia Iran Mexico India, Реза Russia Armenia Ukraine Belarus Kazakhstan, along with others...) is a widespread largely masculine, but uncommonly girly first name. The given name Reza is habitual in Egypt, where it is a common mostly male, but uncommonly feminine name, Iraq, where it is a common predominantly masculine, but very seldom feminine name, and Indonesia, where it is quite a common principally male, but very infrequently feminine name (explore the name in all countries). Much less frequently, Reza is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishReza is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Reza

name رضا, name Rëzâ, name Řeza, name 列沙, name Риза, name רזא, name Rëza, name Aza, name Réza, name Мохаммед, name Rêza, name رەزا, name Rezà, name Rêzã, name Reža, name Rêzâ, name Реза, name Razor, name Rézà, name Rèzâ, name Rezã, name レザ, name Reza, name Rèza, name محمدرضا, name ريزا, name Rezā, name Ŕeza, name Rezâ, name Rèzà, name রেজা, name Ridà, name Rézá, name Rizo, name Ризо, name Раза
رضا Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria
Reza Bangladesh, India, Iran, Mexico, Indonesia
Реза Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus
レザ Japan
רזא Israel

First name Reza in the context

Reza is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Reza Avanluna , the Indonesian Virtual YouTuber.

Notable namesakes

picture of reza marzban reza marzban reza marzban Iranian journalist (1928-2013), IR (b. 1928) link
picture of reza esteki reza esteki reza esteki Iranian weightlifter, IR (b. 1937) link
picture of reza moridi reza moridi reza moridi Canadian politician, CA (b. 1945) link
reza afshar IR (b. 1887) link
picture of reza deghati reza deghati reza deghati Iranian-French photographer, FR (b. 1952) link
picture of reza ghodssi reza ghodssi reza ghodssi Iranian professor, IR (b. 1966) link
picture of reza hormes-ravenstijn reza hormes-ravenstijn reza hormes-ravenstijn Dutch racing cyclist, NL (b. 1967) link
picture of reza parsa reza parsa reza parsa Swedish film director, SE (b. 1968) link
picture of reza baluchi reza baluchi reza baluchi Iranian athlete (b. 1972) link
picture of reza nouri reza nouri reza nouri Iranian Shiite cleric (born 1973) (b. 1973) link
picture of reza rafi reza rafi reza rafi (b. 1964) link
picture of reza shirmarz reza shirmarz reza shirmarz Iranian published and awarded playwright, translator, researcher (b. 1974) link
picture of reza karimi reza karimi reza karimi Iranian actor (b. 1978) link
picture of reza jahangiri reza jahangiri reza jahangiri American businessman, US (b. 1978) link
picture of reza dana reza dana reza dana American ophthalmologist and immunologist, US link