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Forename Red

Across the world, Red (Red Myanmar Algeria Philippines Democratic Republic of the Congo Indonesia, ريد Sudan Iraq Saudi Arabia Egypt Algeria, レッド Japan, and others...) is a common gender-neutral first name. The first name Red is habitual in Brunei, where it is quite a common gender-neutral name, Algeria, where it is quite a common mostly masculine, but seldom girly name, and Macao, where it is quite a common gender-neutral name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Algeria, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Likewise, Red is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Red

name Radia, name Rett, name Reď, name レッド, name Réđ, name Redd, name רד, name Rod, name Ŕed, name Rud, name Ред, name Rowan, name Pinko, name Rust, name Ŕeđ, name Rêđ, name 雷德, name Ręď, name Ŕéd, name Red, name Rĕd, name เรด, name Rete, name Rär, name Raddle, name Reed, name Réď, name Ręd, name Ŕéď, name Reto, name Rèd, name Ret, name Read, name Rēd, name Redia, name Rèđ, name Rêď, name Ŕéđ, name Réd, name Rêd, name Rëđ, name Rufus, name Rĕđ, name Rěd, name Ŕèď, name Rèd, name Rėd, name Ŕèđ, name ريد, name Rëd, name Rëď, name Ręđ, name Ređ, name Rěđ, name Rét, name Rede, name Rēđ
Red Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myanmar, Indonesia, Algeria, Philippines
ريد Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Algeria
レッド Japan
雷德 China
เรด Thailand
Ред Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
רד Israel

First name Red in the context

Red is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Red Skull , the fictional character in Marvel Comics, Captain America; Red Bird , the Rovio videogame character, The Angry Birds Movie 2; Red Sonja , the fictional character; Red Forman , the character in That '70s Show and Red Queen , the character from Through the Looking-Glass, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

red legs greaves Scottish-Barbadian pirate (b. 1649) link
red shoes Choctaw chief (b. 1700) link
picture of red jacket red jacket red jacket Seneca chief (1750-1830), US (b. 1750) link
red shoes Muskogean leader (b. 1725) link
picture of red horse red horse red horse Miniconjou Sioux sub-chief, US (b. 1822) link
picture of red shirt red shirt red shirt Oglala Sioux warrior, and partifipant Wild West Shows, US (b. 1845) link
picture of red ehret red ehret red ehret American baseball player (1868-1940), US (b. 1868) link
picture of red donahue red donahue red donahue Major League Baseball player, US (b. 1873) link
red crow chief of the Kainai, CA (b. 1830) link
picture of red ames red ames red ames American baseball player, US (b. 1882) link
picture of red downs red downs red downs American baseball player, US (b. 1883) link
picture of red murray red murray red murray American baseball player (1884-1958), US (b. 1884) link
picture of red killefer red killefer red killefer American baseball player (1885-1958), US (b. 1885) link
picture of red lopez red lopez red lopez murderer, MX (b. 1886) link
picture of red nelson red nelson red nelson Major League Baseball pitcher, US (b. 1886) link