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Forename Réjean

All around the world, Réjean (Rejean Canada Philippines United States New Zealand France, Réjean Canada New Zealand United States France, Режан Kazakhstan Russia Ukraine) is a common predominantly girly, but scarcely masculine given name. The first name Réjean is characteristic of Canada, where it is quite a common girly name, New Zealand, where it is quite a rare male name, and Philippines, where it is quite a rare principally girly, but very infrequently masculine name. Measured by absolute frequency, it is commonest in Canada, Philippines, and the United States.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Réjean

name Réjean, name 瑞金, name 雷金, name Rejean, name Режан
Rejean United States, New Zealand, Canada, France, Philippines
Réjean New Zealand, France, Canada, United States
Режан Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine

First names said to be same

瑞金, and 雷金

First name Réjean in the context

Réjean is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Réjean Pinard , character in La Petite Vie.

Notable namesakes

picture of réjean robidoux réjean robidoux réjean robidoux Canadian writer, CA (b. 1928) link
picture of réjean hébert réjean hébert réjean hébert Canadian politician and professor, CA (b. 1955) link
picture of réjean roy réjean roy réjean roy Canadian journalist and poet, CA (b. 1964) link
réjean hinse American wrongfully convicted, CA (b. 1935) link
réjean lafrenière Canadian politician, CA (b. 1935) link
réjean lefrançois Canadian actor, CA (b. 1941) link
réjean ducharme Canadian artist, CA (b. 1941) link
réjean paul Canadian judge (1943-2015), CA (b. 1943) link
réjean lefebvre Canadian politician, CA (b. 1943) link
réjean pelletier political scientist and professor at Université Laval, CA (b. 1943) link
réjean tessier psychologist and university professor, CA (b. 1944) link
réjean tremblay Canadian journalist and writer, CA (b. 1944) link
réjean bonenfant Quebec essayist, novelist and short story writer, CA (b. 1945) link
réjean genest Canadian politician, CA (b. 1946) link
réjean legault Quebec novelist (b. 1946) link

Characteristic surnames

Roy, Paradis, Poirier, Gilbert, Lessard, Lemieux, Leclerc, Leblanc, Hébert, Ouellet, Bergeron, Beaudoin, Beaulieu, Bouchard, Boudreau, Dallaire, Gauthier, Langlois, Laflamme, Lefebvre, Tremblay, Fournier, Bédard, Boucher, Bernier, Couture, Dion, Audet, Blais, Lemay, Houle, Martin, Martel, Simard, Côté, Breton, Pelletier, Perron, Picard, Demers, Drouin, Gagnon, Gagné, Girard, Landry, Lavoie, Fortin, Michaud, Poulin, and Gaudreault