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Forename Osman

Around the world, Osman (Osman Turkey Sudan Egypt Somalia Malaysia, عثمان Sudan Iraq Egypt Syria Saudi Arabia, Осман Bulgaria Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Azerbaijan, along with others...) is a prevalent male forename. The given name Osman is habitual in Turkey, where it is a widespread boy's name, Sudan, and Libya, where it is a common primarily boy's, but very infrequently female name (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in Turkey, Sudan, and Egypt. Likewise, Osman is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Osman

name Ośmán, name Osman, name Ošmán, name Osmàñ, name Óśmáń, name Othmane, name Ošmân, name Ošman, name Ośmân, name Usman, name Ósmañ, name Ósmán, name Osmán, name Osmany, name Ôsmâñ, name اوسمان, name Ośmañ, name Ośmàñ, name Osmâñ, name Òsmàñ, name עות'מאן, name Otmane, name Ośman, name 奥斯曼, name Ôsmân, name Ôsmàn, name Òsmàn, name Ôsman, name Osmān, name Ôśmàn, name Ôsmañ, name Ôšmâñ, name Osmañ, name Ôsmàñ, name Uthman, name Osmàn, name Òsmán, name Òsman, name Ôsmãñ, name Ósmàñ, name אוסמן, name Athuman, name Ôsmãn, name Osmãn, name Athumani, name Ousmane, name Osmãñ, name Osmân, name Ósman, name Ôsmáñ, name Othman, name عثمان, name Ośmáń, name Ósmáñ, name Осман, name Óśmàñ, name Òśmàñ
Osman Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Malaysia, Turkey
عثمان Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia
Осман Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan
اوسمان Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Syria
奥斯曼 China
עות'מאן, אוסמן Israel

First name Osman in the context

Osman is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Osman Frenčević , the character from novel Jurmusa and Fatima or Turkish empire eats itself: the story of the liberation of six districts 1832-1834; Osman Bey , the fictional character; Osman Koçarslanlı , character in Avrupa Yakasi; Osman , the operatic character in the opera Almira, Königin von Castilien and Osman , the operatic character in the opera Les Indes galantes.

Notable namesakes

osman saqizli Pasha of Triploli (b. 1649) link
picture of iii. osman iii. osman iii. osman Ottoman sultan, TR (b. 1699) link
osman dede TR (b. 1652) link
osman aga of temesvar Ottoman soldier and writer, RO (b. 1670) link
picture of general osman general osman general osman Tunisian military, GR (b. 1810) link
picture of osman cleander baker osman cleander baker osman cleander baker American bishop (1812-1871), US (b. 1812) link
picture of osman nuri-paşa osman nuri-paşa osman nuri-paşa Ottoman general, TR (b. 1832) link
picture of osman hamdi bey osman hamdi bey osman hamdi bey Ottoman statesman, academic and artist (1842-1910), TR (b. 1842) link
osman ricardo politician (b. 1795) link
picture of osman duquesnay osman duquesnay osman duquesnay French politician, FR (b. 1846) link
osman raşid paşa Ottoman Empire politician, TR (b. 1802) link
picture of osman paşa osman paşa osman paşa Ottoman admiral (commodore), TR (b. 1858) link
picture of osman fevzi topçu osman fevzi topçu osman fevzi topçu Turkish politician, TR (b. 1862) link
picture of osman nuri hadžić osman nuri hadžić osman nuri hadžić Bosnian intellectual, BA (b. 1869) link
picture of osman nuri koptagel osman nuri koptagel osman nuri koptagel Turkish general, TR (b. 1874) link