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Forename Natta

In all the world, Natta (ณัฏฐา Thailand, ณัฐฐา Thailand, Natta India Thailand Indonesia Argentina Italy, among others...) is a common dominantly feminine, but infrequently masculine first name. The given name Natta is habitual in Thailand, where it is quite a common mostly feminine, but uncommonly boy's name, Sweden, where it is a rare feminine name, and Indonesia, where it is a rare epicene name. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Thailand, India, and Indonesia. Also, Natta is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Natta

name નટ, name นัฎฐา, name Ntata, name ณัฐฐา, name נטה, name นัดตา, name นัตถะ, name Натта, name นัตทะ, name Nata, name 纳塔, name နတ်တ, name Nacca, name নট, name ณัฏฐา, name ณัฏฐะ, name ناتتا, name นัฐฐา, name นัตตา, name นาฏ, name Ната, name Natta, name นัทฐา, name ณัฎฐา, name နတ္တ
นัตตา, ณัฐฐา, ณัฏฐา Thailand
Natta Thailand, Argentina, Italy, India, Indonesia
Натта Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Notable namesakes

marcantonio natta IT (b. 1501) link
lara natta researcher link