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Forename Mohammed

All over the world, Mohammed (محمد Iraq Egypt Iran Sudan Saudi Arabia, Mohammed India Nigeria Ethiopia Egypt Saudi Arabia, מוחמד Israel, among others...) is a prevalent principally boy's, but very seldom girly given name. The given name Mohammed is characteristic of Egypt, where it is a prevalent predominantly boy's, but very infrequently female name, Libya, and Syria (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Egypt, India, and Sudan. Much less frequently, Mohammed is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mohammed

name Mambet, name Maḥmūd, name Maometto, name Mahometus, name Mehmed, name M'Hammed, name Mohammeɗ, name Maxamed, name Mohamed, name Mohammëď, name Mohammêd, name Mahmood, name Mohammadi, name Mohamməd, name Mohammed, name Mohamedo, name Мохамед, name מוחמד, name Mahmoud, name Mahmud, name Mohamoud, name Mehmood, name Мохаммед, name Mahmoodi, name Mahmûd, name Mohàmmed, name Md., name محمد, name Mohaḿḿed, name Mohammèd, name Mohammeď, name Mehmedi, name Mohamud, name Mahamed, name Mohammệd, name M'Hamed, name Mahmod, name Mohammëđ, name Mohammęđ, name Mohamméd, name Mohamměd, name Mohammǝd, name Mohammęd, name Mohammad, name モハメド, name Mahamud, name Mehmet, name Mohammėd, name Mohammëd, name Mohammêď, name Mohammēd, name Mohammèđ, name Mohamad, name Mohmed, name Mohammĕd, name Mohammeđ
محمد Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Nigeria, India, Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia
מוחמד Israel
Мохаммед, Мохамед Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
モハメド Japan

First name Mohammed in the context

Mohammed is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Mohammed Avdol , the fictional character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure; Mohammed , the operatic character in the opera Manifest Destiny; Mohammed , the operatic character in the opera Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss; محمد عدنان , the fictional character from Naruto and Muhammad in Islam , the Muslims consider him a master, legislator and the last prophet of the prophets in Islam, among other works.

Notable namesakes

mohammed ibn qasim al-tamimi scholar (b. 1140) link
mohammed i. (b. 1142) link
mohammed ibn gao Mansa of Mali, ML (b. 1201) link
mohammed al-abdari al-hihi Moroccan travel writer (b. 1250) link
picture of mohammed al-jazouli mohammed al-jazouli mohammed al-jazouli Moroccan Sufi leader of the Berber tribe of the Jazulah, MA (b. 1404) link
mohammed schah iv. (b. 1400) link
mohammed bagayogo Malian academic, ML (b. 1523) link
picture of mohammed adil shah mohammed adil shah mohammed adil shah Ruler of Bijapur, Karnataka (b. 1601) link
mohammed al-arbi al-fasi author, MA (b. 1580) link
mohammed awzal Shilha writer (1680–1749) (b. 1670) link
mohammed al-tawudi ibn suda Moroccan Maliki scholar, MA (b. 1700) link
mohammed achmed vizaro mussulmo (b. 1700) link
mohammed ibn abdel karim al-samman (b. 1718) link
mohammed al-harraq al-alami Moroccan writer, MA (b. 1772) link
picture of mohammed zorawar sher khan mohammed zorawar sher khan mohammed zorawar sher khan sixth nawab of Babi dynasty (b. 1822) link