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Forename Mim

Around the world, Mim (Mi India Myanmar China Mongolia Bangladesh, Mim India Myanmar China Bangladesh Algeria, মীম Bangladesh) is a widespread epicene forename. The forename Mim is characteristic of Mongolia, where it is a prevalent girly name, Algeria, where it is quite a common unisex name, and Guam, where it is quite a common girly name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Mongolia, Algeria, and Bangladesh. More prevalently, Mim is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mim

name Mi, name Mime, name Mỉm, name Mîm, name মীম, name Mum, name မိမ့္, name Min, name ミム, name میم, name ميم, name Mįm, name មីម, name Mim, name Mím, name Remember, name Mimus, name Mīm, name อ่อมอิ่ม, name มิม, name মিম, name Mìm, name Mihi, name Mĩm, name Mïm
Mi Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Mongolia, China
Mim Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, China, Algeria
মীম Bangladesh

First name Mim in the context

Mim is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Mi , character in Cyborg Kuro-chan.

Notable namesakes

mim kemal öke Turkish physician and politician, TR (b. 1884) link
picture of mim kemal öke mim kemal öke mim kemal öke TR (b. 1955) link
mim obaidullah Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami politician (b. 1932) link
mim el messaoudi Belgian creator, BE (b. 1947) link
mim kaf agayef (b. 1939) link
picture of mim strom mim strom mim strom Australian rules footballer, AU link
mim kemâl öke (b. 1955) link
mim juncà (b. 1959) link
mim garfield jazz musician link
mim mim lim researcher link
mim drew US (b. 1971) link
madame mim AR link
mim suleiman link