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Forename Marta

All around the world, Marta (Marta Argentina Brazil Poland Spain Mexico, Марта Ukraine Russia Kazakhstan Belarus Bulgaria, マルタ Japan, among others...) is a prevalent predominantly feminine, but very infrequently masculine given name. The given name Marta is habitual in Argentina, where it is a widespread girly name, Spain, where it is a common dominantly feminine, but infrequently male name, and Portugal, where it is a common female name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. Very seldom, Marta is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishMarta is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Marta

name Marita, name Mârtâ, name Марфа, name Марта, name Мартин, name Martha, name マータ, name 玛塔, name 马大, name Marfa, name Martyna, name Mártá, name Martà, name مارتينا, name Мартине, name Мартина, name Marcina, name Marte, name Märta, name Mārtā, name مارتا, name مارثا, name マルティン, name Màrta, name Mãrta, name Martina, name マーチン, name Maartje, name مارتى, name Μάρθα, name מרטה, name Martine, name Морта, name Марфа, Марта, name Marta, name Márta, name Marťa, name Märtha, name Martá, name 玛莎, name マルティナ, name マーサ, name מרתה, name マルタ, name Mardar
Marta Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Poland, Mexico
Марта Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia
マルタ Japan
مارتا Iraq, Yemen, Palestinian Territory, Iran
מרתה Israel

First name Marta in the context

Marta is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Martha , the biblical figure, Gospel of John; Dr. Marta Shearing , the fictional character, The Bourne Legacy; Martha Jones , the fictional character from Doctor Who; Marta Čekmedžijić , the character from novel One wedding: pictures from life, A wedding: pictures from life and Marta Ramos , character in Un Paso Adelante, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of marta de astorga marta de astorga marta de astorga Christian martyr of the 3rd century, ES (b. 300) link
picture of marta de armagnac marta de armagnac marta de armagnac French noble, ES (b. 1347) link
picture of marta tana marta tana marta tana (1550-1605), IT (b. 1550) link
picture of marta brossier marta brossier marta brossier FR (b. 1547) link
marta de nevares ES (b. 1591) link
marta lodovica faussone di montalto 29 Sep 1650 - (b. 1650) link
marta liungberg Swedish innkeeper, SE (b. 1656) link
marta marianna rejtan (b. 1751) link
marta maría stephensen Icelandic writer, IS (b. 1770) link
marta noguera (b. 1774) link
marta nordenberg SE (b. 1782) link
picture of marta abreu arencibia marta abreu arencibia marta abreu arencibia Cuban patriot and philanthropist from Santa Clara, Cuba, ES (b. 1845) link
marta pisarevska Ukrainian writer and poet (b. 1799) link
marta kristine nesje (b. 1793) link
picture of marta krasińska marta krasińska marta krasińska polish noble, socialite, philantropist, writer and painter, PL (b. 1859) link