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Forename Markos

All around the world, Markos (Markos Ethiopia Greece Egypt United States Hungary, مرقس Iraq Egypt Sudan Jordan Kuwait, ماركوس Iraq Egypt Sudan Syria Morocco, along with others...) is a common masculine first name. The first name Markos is characteristic of Greece, where it is a common male name, Cyprus, where it is quite a common masculine name, and Ethiopia. Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in Greece, Ethiopia, and Egypt. Also, Markos is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishMarkos is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Markos

name ماكوس, name マルコス, name Марк, name Μάρκος, name Márkos, name Mãrkô, name Markoš, name مرقس, name מארקוס, name מארכוס, name Márkós, name Маркос, name Marcos, name מרקוס, name Markos, name ماركوس, name Марко, name Markoç, name Mârkô, name Markô
Markos Greece, Hungary, Egypt, United States, Ethiopia
مرقس Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan
ماركوس Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria
マルコス Japan
Маркос Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Armenia
Μάρκος Greece

First name Markos in the context

Markos is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Markos Paganis , the theatrical character in the play "Karagkiozis"; Markos , the theatrical character in the play "Thanassakis o politevomenos"; Markos Monroe , the musical character in the musical Venice; Venice's half-brother, a military commander who seeks power through endless war.; Markus , the fictional character from Detroit: Become Human and Invincible , the superhero in the Image Comics Universe, Invincible, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

markos mindler GR (b. 1860) link
picture of markos zapiain markos zapiain markos zapiain researcher, ES (b. 1963) link
picture of markos moulitsas markos moulitsas markos moulitsas American blogger, US (b. 1971) link
markos a. siōtēs (b. 1912) link
picture of markos gimeno vesga markos gimeno vesga markos gimeno vesga Basque musician, writer and actor., ES (b. 1974) link
markos mamalakis Greek economist (b. 1932) link
picture of markos geneti markos geneti markos geneti Ethiopian long-distance runner, ET (b. 1984) link
markos tzoumaras Greek sports shooter, GR (b. 1939) link
markos venios GR (b. 1946) link
markos ghebremedhin Ethiopian catholic priest, ET (b. 1966) link
markos stefanidis Greek footballer, GR (b. 1967) link
markos untzeta Spanish musician, ES (b. 1970) link
markos dimos Greek footballer, DE (b. 1972) link
markos khatzikyriakakis Greek snowboarder (b. 1974) link
markos kolokas Greek professional basketball player, GR (b. 1977) link