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Forename Mang

Throughout the world, Mang (Mang India Myanmar Indonesia Malaysia Germany, มัง Thailand, Манг Russia Ukraine) is a common largely female, but uncommonly male first name. The given name Mang is characteristic of India, where it is quite a rare predominantly female, but very seldom masculine name, Macao, where it is quite a rare male name, and Indonesia, where it is quite a rare predominantly male, but very seldom female name. Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Also, Mang is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mang

name Màņğ, name Meng, name Màng, name Mâńĝ, name Monk, name Màñĝ, name Manĝ, name Măŋ, name Mãng, name Manga, name Mag, name Máñg, name Máñĝ, name Mâŋ, name Mẩng, name Manc, name Mặŋ, name Máŋ, name Mẳng, name Mańg, name Máńĝ, name Mãńg, name Mang, name Mâńg, name Manğ, name มัง, name Манг, name Máng, name Măñĝ, name Mãŋ, name Màŋ, name Mânĝ, name Mangen, name Imang, name Mąŋ, name Mầng, name Among, name Man, name Mâñg, name Ming, name Bông, name Măňģ, name Mengan, name Mâng, name Makth, name Mong, name Mảng, name Mangr, name Maŋ, name Màńĝ, name Emang, name Mañg, name Mangis
Mang Myanmar, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia
มัง Thailand
Манг Russia, Ukraine

Notable namesakes

picture of ball mang ball mang ball mang Hong Kong actress link
lo mang (b. 1952) link
wolf matthias mang DE (b. 1957) link
xu mang Chinese Go player (b. 1979) link
lê long mang link
pum za mang link