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Forename Maerkel

Worldwide, Maerkel (Maerkel Germany United States New Zealand Spain) is an extremely rare unknown gender given name. Much more prevalently, Maerkel is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Maerkel

name Merkel, name Märkel, name مارك, name מרק, name ميركل, name 馬克, name Меркел, name Марк, name Markel, name Mark, name মার্ক, name 马克, name מרקל, name Mærkel, name Maerckel, name Maerkel, name Меркель
Maerkel New Zealand, United States, Germany, Spain

Characteristic surnames

Mr, Michaela, Frances, Dolores, Abigail, Shirley, Michael, Yvonne, Eugene, Rupert, Karola, Moritz, Linus, Peter, Kevin, Karin, Craig, Ruth, Abby, Ms, Kathleen, and Ferdinand