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Forename Mack

In the entire world, Mack (Mack United States Germany Democratic Republic of the Congo United Kingdom Canada, ماك Sudan Egypt Iraq Saudi Arabia Algeria, マック Japan, along with others...) is a common mostly boy's, but uncommonly feminine given name. The given name Mack is habitual in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it is quite a common unisex name, the United States, where it is quite a rare male name, and South Africa. Likewise, Mack is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mack

name ມະຈກ, name 馬克, name ماك, name Macko, name Macková, name Марк, name Maxey, name Mack, name ماک, name مارك, name Мак, name Mark, name মার্ক, name Máck, name מאק, name מק, name Мацк, name Mnack, name マック, name Macka, name 麦克, name Macek, name מרק, name 马克, name 梅克, name マッカ, name แม็ค, name مک
Mack Germany, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Democratic Republic of the Congo
ماك Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
マック Japan
麦克 China
Мак Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan
מאק Israel

First name Mack in the context

Mack is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Michael Jordan , the main protagonist in the 1996 film Space Jam; Mack , the fictional character, Cars; Booster Gold , the fictional character, Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Mack Bolan , the fictional character, The Executioner and Michael Burnham , the fictional character from Star Trek: Discovery, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of earle mack earle mack earle mack Major League Baseball player and coach (1890-1967), US (b. 1890) link
picture of warner mack warner mack warner mack American musician, US (b. 1938) link
picture of earle i. mack earle i. mack earle i. mack American diplomat, US (b. 1938) link
roy mack American film director, US (b. 1889) link
roy mack American baseball executive, US (b. 1889) link
wolf mack (b. 1893) link
ray mack American baseball player (1916-1969), US (b. 1916) link
picture of lee mack lee mack lee mack British comedian, GB (b. 1968) link
lorenz mack AT (b. 1917) link
burton l. mack American biblical scholar, US (b. 1931) link
picture of kirby mack kirby mack kirby mack American professional wrestler, US (b. 1983) link
clancy mack Umpire, AG (b. 1955) link
quinn mack American baseball player, US (b. 1965) link
toney mack American professional basketball player, US (b. 1967) link
sherman q. mack American politician in Louisiana (born 1972), US (b. 1972) link