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Forename Mabel

In the entire world, Mabel (Mabel Argentina Nigeria United States Ghana Paraguay, مابل Algeria, Мейбл Russia, along with others...) is a widespread girly first name. The first name Mabel is characteristic of Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Argentina, where it is a common girly name, Uruguay, where it is quite a common female name, and Paraguay, where it is quite a common primarily feminine, but very infrequently masculine name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in Argentina, the United States, and Nigeria. Much less frequently, Mabel is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mabel

name Annabel, name Mabël, name מייבל, name Мабел, name Mabell, name Maybel, name Màbel, name マベル, name Mábel, name مابيل, name Mabel, name Mâbel, name مايبل, name مابل, name 梅宝, name Mãbël, name Mâbêl, name Mâbēl, name Мейбл, name Mábêl, name Mābél, name Mabél, name Mabelle, name Mabèl
Mabel Argentina, Nigeria, United States, Ghana, Paraguay
مابل Algeria
Мейбл Russia
מייבל Israel

First name Mabel in the context

Mabel is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Mabel Pines , the fictional character from Gravity Falls; Mabel Kirke , character in The Magician's Nephew; Mabel , the fictional hedgehog from the Animal Crossing video game series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons; Mabel the Ugly Stepsister , the fictional human from Shrek, Shrek Forever After and Mabel Cartman , character in South Park, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of mabel fitzrobert of gloucester mabel fitzrobert of gloucester mabel fitzrobert of gloucester British noble, GB (b. 1090) link
mabel browne Irish noble, GB (b. 1536) link
mabel brigge (b. 1550) link
mabel bagenal Countess of Tyrone (b. 1571) link
mabel roper Peerage person ID=662970 (b. 1572) link
mabel hastings (born 1611) (b. 1611) link
mabel christian (born 1639) (b. 1639) link
mabel hastings (born 1650) (b. 1650) link
mabel bowerbank (born 1693) (b. 1693) link
picture of mabel ruggles canfield mabel ruggles canfield mabel ruggles canfield Non-student///profession:/born:1760/died:1844, US (b. 1760) link
mabel grant (1753-1834) (b. 1753) link
mabel seymour 2 Jul 1776 Hartford, Connecticut - 22 Sep 1835 Amherst, MA (b. 1776) link
picture of mabel bent mabel bent mabel bent Anglo-Irish explorer, excavator, writer and photographer (1847-1929), GB (b. 1847) link
picture of mabel chermside mabel chermside mabel chermside British art collector (1847-1933) (b. 1847) link
picture of mabel collins mabel collins mabel collins Guernsey writer (1851–1927), editor, GB (b. 1851) link